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Weight Loss Bread Jan 26 2015
12:19 (UTC)

Why are you cutting bread?  There are some nice whole grain, lower calorie choices out there.

Weight Loss Goal of 20-30 lbs to lose! Join in! Jan 26 2015
04:33 (UTC)

Good job, Wendy!  you rock!

Weight Loss Goal of 20-30 lbs to lose! Join in! Jan 25 2015
16:00 (UTC)

How is everyone's weekend going?  Like most folks, I have more trouble on the weekend.   I'm doing fine with my food, but I have to knuckle down and get some exercise on the weekend.

Yesterday was super busy.  My fiancé and I live with my parents to help take care of them.  Yesterday I went to the store for my mom, got two new tires on my car, went in to work for a couple hours to do a costume fitting, helped my sweetie cook dinner for us, my folks, and my aunt and uncle.  Played cards.  Then went shopping again with my sweetie.  Very busy, but no exercise.  My goal today is to do something, even if it's just a little.

Weight Loss Please help lol .. Jan 25 2015
14:36 (UTC)

Use the tools on this site.  It really helps.  Find an online or real life group for support and accountability.  That helps too.


Weight Loss Goal of 20-30 lbs to lose! Join in! Jan 25 2015
06:16 (UTC)

I'd like to join!  I lost a lot of weight years ago, but then got off track and gained some of it back.  I sure could use some support buddies.

I'm a 49 year old woman, 5' 8".  Starting weight 210, current weight 200, looking to lose 35 more pounds and hit 165.


I've been weighing in on Fridays.  What day are you all weighing in?

Motivation 40's club Jan 24 2015
02:14 (UTC)

I'm 49, and I have 35 lbs to lose. 

Can you save a little of your calorie allotment for the day for a evening snack?  Having a planned snack then might help you stick to it.

Motivation So frustrated!! Jan 24 2015
02:10 (UTC)

I have found out that no matter how long I do this there is a simple rule.  If I log, I lose.  When I try to do it on my own, it just isn't as effective.

Weight Loss I'm so hungry all the time! Jan 24 2015
02:03 (UTC)

Your deficits are very aggressive.  Maybe try something in the 500-700 range instead of 800-1200.  Also look at your food choices.  Are you relying too much on fruits and vegetables?  Lean protein and complex carbs stay with you longer and help keep you from getting hungry.  Just a thought, I can't see your log, so I don't know what you are eating.

Generally, if I am tummy rumbling hungry, that's my body telling me it needs more fuel.  So I eat.  I'm just careful about what I eat.


** Just saw your update.  Good for you!  I think that was a smart move.

Weight Loss what should I eat ? Jan 24 2015
01:57 (UTC)

There's lots of information online about what healthy food is, and how to make smart choices anywhere you are, even at school.  At your age, the important thing is not to cut calories too much.  Log what you eat, and make sure your daily deficit isn't too high.  Make the best food choices you can, and try getting more exercise.  You can totally do this!

Weight Loss frustrated and hurt Jan 24 2015
01:52 (UTC)

You've lost the weight before, you can do this.  I am concerned about your husband's attitude though.  I've found that a spouse's problem with weight is often just a symptom of other problems.    Is he having any other issues with the relationship?  Are you feeling depressed and unsexy and subconsciously putting out "don't touch me" signals?  The only way to deal with relationship issues is to talk to your mate and find out what is going on.  If it turns out that he truly doesn't care for you because you gained weight, then you've got a bigger issue than the weight.  However, I would bet that this isn't the true source of your problems.  Keep working on getting healthy, and talk to your sweetie!  Just my opinion, of course.

Weight Loss weight loss pills Jan 24 2015
01:46 (UTC)

Personally, I don't know one person who has had any noticeable benefit from any weight loss pill.  If it says the results are in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, then it's the healthy diet and exercise that is the real weight loss help.  just my opinion, of course.

Weight Loss What other people say Jan 24 2015
01:39 (UTC)

When some people see someone lose the weight and get healthy, it makes them feel bad about how they are not doing the same.  When they say that you are too skinny, translate it to what it really means:  "You look really good!"

Check your BMI, make sure that you are at a healthy weight, and ignore the snide comments.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 23 2015
12:21 (UTC)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Weighed in this morning at 200lbs (-10)  You gotta love that first weigh in after you start back being healthy.  I've been really upping my water intake and potassium, so I expect most of that was water weight.  And that was also for more like 10 days than a week, I held my weigh in until Friday because I was posting here.  Even so, I'm pretty happy about it.  I know I'm still a big girl at 200, but when I slide over that, it makes me feel bad about myself.

It's nice to have a dramatic beginning, but I know I won't be able to count on that.  I like having this group to help me keep on track.

So starting weigh (this time around) 210

Current weight 200

Eventual goal 165 (although I'd be pretty happy with 175)

35 pounds to go.

I hope everyone is having a good day and happy weigh in!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 21 2015
02:22 (UTC)

Angie, my Brian has a habit of doing the same thing, eating all his calories at once.  I finally got him to listen about spreading the calories out more when he started having issues with low blood sugar.  It's still a fight though!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 20 2015
01:25 (UTC)

I would love to have a little accountability.  Like many of us, I had a major weight loss many years ago.  Started out at 235 lbs, and got down to 174.  It took years, but as of last Friday, I was back up to 210.  So not good.  I'm 49 years old, female, 5'8", and I'm trying to get back to 175.  I work full time and take care of my aging parents, so I keep pretty busy.  This is day 5 for me of getting back in the swing of things, and day 2 back at the CC. 

My sweetie and I have both been growing more concerned with heart health, so that's what has gotten me back in the saddle.  This is the first time Brian has joined me in getting healthier.  He's always been skinnier than me, but his eating habits were horrible.  It's nice to have a partner in this, though I know better than to count on that!

So hello everyone, I'm glad to be here!

Weight Loss Calorie Deficit & CHEAT DAY Jan 20 2015
01:09 (UTC)

One day at 1900 may not disrupt your weight loss at all.  As previous poster said, sometimes mixing it up a little is a good boost for your metabolism.  I think your plan is a good one.  You aren't planning to go nuts and eat 3000 calories, you are just having a day with a little more.  Give it a try and see how it works out.


Weight Loss NEW Year NEW Us 200-260 lbs Group!!! Apr 02 2011
16:32 (UTC)

Hi everybody!

I've still been struggling.  Forgot to post yesterday.  Still at 183, but happy I didn't have a gain.  I've got tomorrow and Monday off work, so I'm going to try to catch up in here and work on getting myself back on track.  At least i see the sun today!  the weather here is still really getting me down!

Weight Loss I've been eating 2000 calories a day for a while now, do I need to lower it? Mar 26 2011
16:09 (UTC)
Original Post by mstadt:

Original Post by josielynn:

Original Post by mstadt:

Not to be mean or a stickler but muscle does not weight more then fat. A pound weights a pound no matter what it is made of.  However this theory came from the fact that muscle is more dense than fat therefore a pound of muscle takes up less space then a pound of fat.

"[A given volume of] muscle weighs more than [the same volume of] fat."

Nothing wrong with what she wrote.  I think most people can understand what she's implying.  Especially since this (at least at my school) was taught as part of primary and secondary school.

 if that statement were true then a person who has 30lbs of fat on their body they would be the same size as a person who has 30lbs of muscle.

No matter how you choose to weigh it a pound weighs a pound. If you want to talk about volume or mass that is different. However the statement was incorrect.

 No one in this thread said that a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat.  Josie is correct.  A cubic foot of muscle weighs more than a cubic foot of fat.   Muscle is more dense, so, if measured by mass, not weight, it weighs more.  No one compares mass by weight.  That's ridiculous.  If you have a cubic foot of lead, and a cubic foot of feathers, they do not weight the same.  If you compare the Earth to the Moon, they do not weigh the same.  If you put a cubic foot of dragon and a cubic foot of luna moths on a scale, they wouldn't weigh the same either.

You yourself said "If you want to talk about volume".  That's exactly what Josie did.  So why are you saying that statement is incorrect?  Muscle does weigh more than fat, just as lead weighs more than feathers, and dragon weighs more than luna moths.  You don't decide what substance weighs more by comparing a pound of each, that's ridiculous.

Darlena made a very helpful comment, in my opinion.  BMI does not take fat vs muscle into account.  A very toned or muscular person can be at a healthy body fat percentage even though the scale may read a bigger number than they had hoped.


Weight Loss NEW Year NEW Us 200-260 lbs Group!!! Mar 26 2011
05:46 (UTC)

Desired- It is hard to stick to any plan if you can't get into a regular routine due to nutty work schedule.  I hope you find something more stable soon.

I just wanted to share some things I bought at the grocery store yesterday that I'm really pleased with.
Kashi TLC Fruit and Grain bars- Dark chocolate coconut flavor.  OMG these are good!  There's this thick creamy chocolaty layer on top.  Anf it isn't a giant bar, which makes it just right for a snack.  120 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, and 4 grams of fiber.  I think these are my new favorite bar.
I finally found diet soda sweetened with stevia!  I don't drink soda anymore, but every once in a while I just want one.  Nutrasweet and Splenda trigger my migraines, and I just don't think chemical sweeteners are that healthy.  I've been waiting ages for a stevia soda.  Finally found some in the health food section.  One brand I tried was called Zevia, which I bought in cola and black cherry.  The other was Virgil's Zero Root Beer.  All of them are 0 calories, and all tasted good.  The root beer is even low sodium, only 5 mg, but even the Zevia has less sodium that your average diet soda, only 20 mg.  I still don't want to be a daily soda drinker ever again, but it's so nice to have an option for an occasional treat.

Weight Loss OVER 40S, Whats your frustrations? Mar 25 2011
18:12 (UTC)

It's interesting.  I'm not noticing the differences some of the other posters have.  Now, I've always been a big girl, I weighed 175 when I was 16.  It wasn't easy for me to lose weight then and it isn't easy now.  But I do think it is easier for me now at 45 than it was back when I was 16, because I have better knowledge of health and nutrition now.  Back when I was 16, it was all starvation diets and eat salad.  Not an easy or successful way to lose weight.

Exercising has certainly improved my energy level.  At 40 and 230 lbs, I was a slug and felt like a zombie.  I have tons more energy now.  If I'm feeling draggy and I go for a short walk, it absolutely perks me up.  It also has made me feel stronger, and improved my breathing.

Now, I hear ya, Sweetpea!  I am peri menopausal, and that is throwing a serious crimp in my style.  Suddenly I'm all moody, getting zits at 45, and feeling like I have some serious PMS all the time.  That does make it harder to keep on track.  I started taking an estoven herbal supplement, and that has helped tons.  But I have to take it every day or I end up back in constant PMS land.