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The Lounge New Canadian Passport Aug 16 2013
22:54 (UTC)
Original Post by rosencrantz12:

Darn, I have to wait 4 1/2 years to get one of these.

. I just got mine renewed in May. Bummer.
Fitness August 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Aug 16 2013
11:10 (UTC)

Yesterday I did an hour jog in the morning and 40 minutes on my lunch hour (with some walking sprinkled in).  I just started jogging last week and find it encouraging that each day I can go a bit further before taking a walk break. 

Today was lifting day, 45 minutes of Stronglift 5x5. 

Squat- 40lbs(db)
bench press- 30lbs(machine)
standing rows- 40lbs (db)
hammer curls- 40lbs (db) to failure; 2 sets of 5, 1 set of 3

This was followed by a 45 minute jog.  More walking in there today than yesterday but I didn't lift yesterday beforehand either ;)

I'm on vacation next week, the most activity I'm likely to get in are lots of strolls around the campgrounds with the fam and swimming (floating) in the lake. 

Fitness August 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Aug 15 2013
00:00 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

Madcows 5x5

  • Squat 5x 130, 160 195, 195
  • OP 4x45, 55, 65, 75
  • Deadlift 4x180, 215, 250, 285

Too lazy to record my lifts. Well, I recorded the 285 set. I know I'm behind on posting to utube. Will do eventually.

Wow! How long have you been doing the program? I just started on Monday and am only lifting 40lbs (no bar and plates at work, I use dumbbells). Lift day followed by a 30 minute jog.
Fitness August 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Aug 13 2013
22:39 (UTC)
1hr 20m walk this morning, 40 mins on my lunch break. No jogging due to poorly planned outfit which may have resulted in exposing myself indecently.
Fitness August 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Aug 12 2013
21:40 (UTC)
Never had heard of Stronglift 5x5 until I clicked through the link in the OP. I started the program this morning with some modifications...there isn't a bar and plates at the gym at work so I'm using dumbbells instead. I may change my mind and do the workout at home since I have bars/plates. It's fine to start but I'll soon run into trouble since the weight is supposed to be upped by 5lbs each workout. Easy to slide a 2.5lb plate on each side of the bar, dumbbells I'd have to up the weight by 10lbs each workout since they increase in 5lb increments.

Even though the program seems not too keen on cardio, I like getting outside in the fresh air and walking with some jogging thrown in.

I'm at a comfortable weight, just looking to build muscle size and increase strength.
Fitness Morning Gym Routines - Working Women Jul 28 2013
19:01 (UTC)
My hub and I commute an hour's drive to work together. I start work at 8 but he starts at 6, so I'm up at 3:45 every morning and at my office by 5:50. I don't go to the gym, but I do walk for an hour to an hour and a half every morning and 45 minutes on my lunch break (weather permitting). I take my business wear and heels with me which i always have ready the night before (plus i pick out my walking clothes the night before also). I keep a towel and deodorant at work. As for breakfast, I eat it either on my walk or after, just depends on how hungry I am that morning- always coffee and a sandwich.
The Lounge Very very important question for people who are 35 and older Jul 25 2013
23:10 (UTC)
We used it but not on the tree, it surrounded the manger scene and the camels and sheep sat in the "snow". Who ever would imagine snow should be part of the manger scene anyways?? Maybe it was due to being Canadian ;)
The Lounge Any good comedians? Jul 10 2013
22:56 (UTC)
Ever heard the Ten Minute Podcast? It's a bit explicit but hilarious. Its hosted by Will Sasso, Bryan Callan and Chris D'Elia.
Games & Challenges Word association Jul 05 2013
10:03 (UTC)
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jul 05 2013
10:02 (UTC)
False- I've never tried it. Bought it for the Wii months ago and have yet to take the plastic off of it.

TPBM looks forward to going to work everyday.
The Lounge Weird Stuff You Look Forward To Jul 05 2013
09:59 (UTC)
In the summer when I am sitting in my car waiting for someone/something, smooshing stupid black flies that are all over the inside windows/windshield.
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jul 03 2013
22:19 (UTC)

TPBM avoids buying dry clean only clothes.
Games & Challenges Word association Jul 03 2013
22:16 (UTC)
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jul 01 2013
17:50 (UTC)
False...I loathe it although I wish I didn't.

TPBM sleeps on their stomach.
Books Hardest Book To Get Through Jun 30 2013
11:54 (UTC)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (is that how the title goes?). I have tried and just can't force myself past 20 pages.
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jun 30 2013
09:10 (UTC)
True. Although I didn't know it at the time, my husband and I were poor in our early twenties.

TPBM has fed a wild animal by hand before.
Games & Challenges Word association Jun 30 2013
09:02 (UTC)
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jun 29 2013
20:39 (UTC)
False- we will be going to the camp, but I consider camping something that involves a trailor or tent.

TPBM has fond memories of eating beans-n-wieners as a child (can you guess what I had for supper? :D)
Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Jun 29 2013
14:04 (UTC)
False, it's been about 6 years. Luckily, my next door neighbour (aka, mom) plants enough for the entire neighbourhood.

TPBM will be setting off their own fireworks for Canada Day/Independence Day.
Games & Challenges Word association Jun 29 2013
14:02 (UTC)
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