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Motivation Can I share something that just made me smile? Jul 21 2014
16:07 (UTC)

Hooray for you!

Health & Support Irrational fears in eating disorders (possible TW for anyone troubled with these thoughts) Jul 16 2014
14:32 (UTC)

My son had horrible OCD and many of his obsessions didn't even seem related to the compulsion.  As soon as I read your opening post I thought ocd. 


Motivation how to know when to stop trying to loose Jul 14 2014
13:51 (UTC)
Original Post by jenagirl86:

.. I just want to have more energy to be patient with my 3 yr old. So maybe I should try and have less of a calorie deficient?..

Yes.  What's more important - to be a few pounds lighter or your child's emotional well being?

The Lounge What you don't know about penises Jun 20 2014
23:44 (UTC)

When I heard someone say they have a goldendoodle I thought "Is that what they're calling it now?!"

Weight Loss I've reached my goal weight, but I still "feel" big? Advice? Jun 19 2014
14:44 (UTC)

Here is some of your own advice:  

"Don't reduce yourself to appearances, you have so much more to offer the world. Oh, and 147 is perfectly healthy :-) If you're feeling insecure, you probably just need more tone... exercise is good!" 

(italics are mine.)


The Lounge Vent: Life not what you planned and frustrated? Jun 16 2014
18:24 (UTC)
Original Post by clharr:

Many people would be happy to just have a house...

This.   PLUS your children, your husband and you are healthy.

Weight Loss Juice Plus, fantastic results Jun 16 2014
00:39 (UTC)
2 l

The Lounge monday laugh Jun 03 2014
23:20 (UTC)

Two things come to mind:  1.  the baby looks like she's accidentally there, as if shes some sort of "toilet paper tail" and 2.  does baby get dragged along on the honeymoon?


The Lounge Do I look old in this picture? Oct 04 2012
15:01 (UTC)

Reminds me of a phrase I once heard, "She used to be a golden goddess, now she's just an alligator handbag."

Weight Loss Aaaaaaaand I'm back Sep 13 2012
21:14 (UTC)

Lost 38, gained 43, lost 12 and still losing.  I am nervous about being able to maintain when I reach my goal again.

Weight Loss Weight loss and food choices while staying with family? Aug 23 2012
12:06 (UTC)

My husband's grandmother would be highly insulted if you lost weight while staying at her house.  Be nice to Grandma!

Weight Loss Just ate a mahooosive slab of choc cake Aug 16 2012
15:12 (UTC)

Note to self, the word of the day is "mahooosive" .

Weight Loss does the 2468 diet work? Jul 08 2012
16:27 (UTC)

Yes, you can eat 2468 calories daily and burn 2968 calories.  You should lose about a 1 lb/week.

Weight Loss Help! My first week has gone terribly awry!!!!! Jul 06 2012
00:48 (UTC)

An increase in activity tells your muscles to produce/store more glycogen for energy.  I think I read that a glycogen molecule has 2 water molecules attached.

Weight Loss cravings Jun 20 2012
12:55 (UTC)
Original Post by sweetteach86:

......going to McDonald's to get the lowfat reduced fat vanilla come. Even though it's only 150 calories, it wasn't necessary to eat it. What are some strategies to help fight these urges??

I do the same thing.  It satisfies my sweet tooth and my cheap side! 

Weight Loss I am addicted to sugar Jun 07 2012
13:03 (UTC)
Original Post by lga140:

I gave up sugar several years ago.  Maybe you heard the screaming. .....


Health & Support Could it be the artificial sweetner? Aug 27 2011
01:51 (UTC)

Truvia/stevia which is supposed to be natural, causes me painful bloating but Splenda or Equal doesn't. 

Weight Loss Toot my own horn... Aug 26 2011
13:26 (UTC)


Weight Loss What should my net calories be? Jul 02 2011
18:44 (UTC)
Original Post by sas8898:

..... I did as you suggested. I increased my calories to 1600. For some reason, now I'm hungry but I have lost 2.4lbs in the last few days! This is amazing. I can't believe that eating more is helping me lose weight. ....

 I love it when this happens!