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Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Apr 11 2014
17:39 (UTC)

Thanks everyone.

@ sara that is awesome.  Congratulations.  Good luck with the root canal.

Well, I've discovered a new "vegetable/side" cauliflower rice... I made some up the other night just to try and it was actually not bad.  Very good for cauliflower, which I don't like at all. Tonight I'm going to use up the leftovers and make "mexican rice".  One head of cauliflower made up like 6 cups of cauliflower rice. Enough for two or more meals. :)

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Apr 09 2014
13:18 (UTC)

@burton, I know what you mean about motivation... Good for you that you want to do a half. And your time is great!  For me when I ran that 10K last year, I knew that once was enough.  I did it to prove to myself that I could, not cause I really wanted to run races   But my workout buddy is like you, she loves races, and after every one that she does, she's ready to do another...

Well I finally did it... I'm in the 150's.... I've had 5 daily weigh in's at 159, meaning i lost 1.5 lbs last week and meaning 15lbs lost since mid January.  I've been trying extra hard to keep my diet clean, for me planning is key.... If I plan out what I'm having for breakfast and lunch M-F, and at least have an idea about dinners,  I do so much better than if I have to wing it on lunches and dinners...  Something else I've been concentrating on is stretching out every evening. I'm a lot less sore when I actually take the time to stretch properly....  I never really concentrated on that before, but every evening I'm making a conscious effort to do 10 to 15 mins at least of stretching or easy yoga.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Apr 04 2014
19:27 (UTC)

Thanks gals.  It's been a long road, but it's nice to be progressing again.

@burton, That is cool about the free lifting plans. Something else I just thought of, could it be possible that you are losing inches and not lbs?  I know when I started to run so much(training for the 10K) was when I got stalled...and in retrospect, caused other struggles also, aches, pains, loss of focus, etc. So for now,  I've stopped running, switched to fast walking. Started to focus again on lifting. It worked before, so should again. Speaking of that, I signed up for a local 5K at the end of this month. I'm planning on walking it.

@sara, good luck on your 5K, I know you will do fine.   I also wanted to ask, didn't you say your parents are in St. Louis?  I hope they didn't have any trouble with the terrible storms that came through.

@jo, I thought the same thing when I looked at Mexico, how could they drink that much soda in a week.....

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Apr 03 2014
12:31 (UTC)

@ jo, that is fascinating and sad at the same time. Some of the undeveloped countries, have so little in comparison.  I did notice that the US pictures was very sparse on fresh fruit and veggies :(

Doing well this week. I was down .5 lbs this week, so one more and I'll be in the 150's... yea...  Workouts this week have been kick butt, but surprisingly I'm not overly sore.  Which is a good thing, because last week killed my calves and thighs...


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Apr 01 2014
12:46 (UTC)

@sara, please do. I usually get vanilla because it doesn't mess up the taste of smoothies. I'd love to find a non-flavored one... Never thought to check on Amazon though, will have to look and see.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 31 2014
20:20 (UTC)

My weekend was okay...nothing grand, rainy, yucky so a lot of vegetating...Did go out on Saturday for some visiting and a little shopping...

Eats were okay.  This week on tap is steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and smoothies for lunch... I found this Make Ahead Smoothies.  They don't separate like a normal smoothie would, because you don't use ice,and the chia helps make them very thick. I added protein powder to mine to bulk them up a little since they were a meal for me.  Today was chocolate strawberry.  Then I did chocolate peanut butter banana, strawberry banana, and orange strawberry pineapple. 

Do any of you use protein powder, if so, what is your preferred chocolate flavored brand.  I now remember why I stopped using the chocolate flavor that I bought.  I think I may (once this chocolate is gone) use vanilla with unsweetened cocoa powder and a little honey to make chocolate flavors Not that what I have is gross, but it sure doesn't taste like chocolate when all you really want is chocolate (TTOM)

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 28 2014
14:50 (UTC)

@burton, I would bet that it's from training... I bet your muscles are holding water since you've been running so much.  Once you get back to a more normal routine, things will probably go back to normal. 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 25 2014
12:20 (UTC)

@jo, what I had yesterday was this...

Basic Muesli recipe

1/2 c old fashioned oats

1/2 c non-fat greek vanilla yogurt

1/2 c skim milk

1 t chia seeds

Then add in's:

Peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip

1 T peanut butter

1/2 banana (cut up)

1 T mini chocolate chips


1/4 c mandarin oranges

1/4 c pineapple tidbits

Mix basic recipe and add in you'd like. Refrigerate overnight or up to 3 days. Most recipes you see are 1/2 of what my basic is, but I usually eat this as a meal, so I just double it.  You can put any combo of fruit or whatever you'd like.  I have also done bing cherries and dark chocolate... YUMM!


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 24 2014
17:18 (UTC)

Happy Monday Ladies, hope you all had good weekends.

I had a great time on date night, I got steak and grilled shrimp, so yummy.  I just finished lifting, new routine today.  Now I need a nap :) WHEW... Got my new shoes on Friday and LOVE them...

So when we were talking about muesli last week, got me thinking I hadn't had it in a while, so that's what this weeks lunch is... today banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips...tomorrow tropical.  This time I added chia seeds to the mix, first time I've ever used them and they really help the consistency. So my question for ya'll is do you use chia seeds?  If so how and in what items?  I saw on Pintrest that you can put it in lemonaide or limeade and of course smoothies.  They also had some recipes for jams?  That looks interesting when fruit starts to come in.

Have a great day!

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 21 2014
19:24 (UTC)

@ jo, that is interesting, when I refer to muesli, I mean basically yogurt mixed with dry oats and fruit and allowed to soften... Overnight oatmeal is another thing I've heard it called.

@ sara, that is a quick trip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 20 2014
19:11 (UTC)

@Burton, I got my first pair of asics last year AFTER my 10K.  Before then I'd always just had cheap champion or such sneakers, new pair once every three months or so.  WOW what a difference, I've had these for almost a year and they are still okay for wearing for errands and such, just not for working out in. My first pair was Gel Phoenix which they don't make anymore....So these are pretty close to what I had.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 20 2014
17:33 (UTC)

Hey ladies, I'm so happy for the sunshine... just finished my 3 mile powerwalk OUTSIDE!

Been doing pretty good so far this week.  Yesterday was my extra workout day, so I did 45 min of heavy weights at lunch, then 35 mins on the elipitical after work then 30 mins of yoga before bed.... WHEW....  I also realized that I really can't put off getting new sneakers anymore.  After work I started off on the treadmill, where I've been doing (after 5 min warm up) 20 mis and 4.2 and 15 mins at 4.4... Well I could only make 10 mins at 4.2 and my shins and feet were killing me.... So I came home and ordered some funky new sneakers  I usually get white sneakers, so I can't wait for these to come in... It was fate, I'd been looking at this particular shoe for the last couple of weeks, well they come in like 6 color combos.... this was the last pair of 6.5 and they were $20 bucks cheaper than the other colors....Works for me... If I like these I might buy another pair, my much loved model they stopped making....

@sara, I've made granola before, but your recipe sounds interesting... I like muesli, which of course has oatmeal etc in it.  But I do like that crunch... I made up some savory granola a few weeks ago to put over cottage cheese, cukes and tomatoes...

@burton, I hope you get out and get to enjoy the warmer weather the next couple of days :)

@ jo, making your own yogurt sounds interesting.  I can see that it would be a great cost savings if you ate alot of it.  Me I almost have to be in a mood to eat it, and I usually like plain greek with a little honey and fresh fruit...Although I do use plain greek in place of sour cream or mayo in things.  I've seen the yogurt makers, but in the states they are expensive....

Tomorrow is Friday!  Yea!  My hubby and I have a special date night planned, because my daughter is going over to a sleepover.  Date nights are few and far between for us, so I'm going to enjoy. 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 12 2014
15:31 (UTC)

@burton, I know it's crazy, it was 80 here yesterday and tomorrow I think they said we'd be luck to get to 40.  Nothing quite like going thru all four seasons in one week....


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 11 2014
17:32 (UTC)

@sara congrats. Hope ya'll had a good time.

@jo I have to tell you, I'm loving fitness blender.  I've been doing one of their yoga or stretching vids every night and I've been using the HIIT ones on days I'm supposed to do intervals.  They don't have an app but they play great on my kindle fire.

@burton, I just got back from my powerwalk OUTSIDE! It was wonderful.

And I can't believe how sore I am today... Whew.  From the batting cages on Sunday to lifting yesterday, and zumba last night.  Even though I stretched out good before bed last night, it hurts so bad to get up and down from my chair.  Hopefully the walk will help it go away before lifting tomorrow.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Mar 10 2014
18:50 (UTC)

Happy Monday!

@burton, I know you are as ready as I am for the nice weather.  This weekend we has a taste of 60's.  Here's to spring and not that other s word

@sara, I'm so sorry to hear about your job applications.  Keep trying I know something will come up.  It's got to be hard when where you are applying is in a different state.

Like I said this weekend was very nice, so we spent as much time outside as possible.  Went to the batting cages yesterday, so I'm just waiting to see if my shoulders start to hurt.  I'm doing well on my plan, my workout buddy and I decided to switch our focus from running to lifting, so we are now lifting 3 times a week and power walking two days.  I also still do zumba on monday's and usually a second power walk on Wed afternoons when I'm waiting to pick-up my daughter.  I've lost two more pounds.  Only 2 away from 150's   I'd really like to get there by the end of this month. 

Have a great week everyone.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Feb 18 2014
15:59 (UTC)

@sara good luck with the intuitive eating.  I've tried it and after about 6 weeks decided to try to go back to counting.  See below...

@burton, no we didn't get any extra this morning.  It's supposed to be near 60 here today and 70 on Friday.... there's still snow on the ground, but I'm sure most of it will be gone by this afternoon.  Already have an OUTSIDE walk planned for lunch :)

Okay, so just a little update.  As you guys are aware, I started taking anti-depressants on Dec 7th, to see if it would help, because I was tired of fighting to not take them.... Anyway, for about the first 6 weeks I ate intuitively, mainly because they knocked my appetite in the **** for the first couple of weeks.  Now that I feel leveled out and "normal"  I started to log about 2 weeks ago, (begin of Feb) trying to stay at around 1500. In that time, 9 weeks, I've lost 10 lbs. I'm well into the 160's and only 4 lbs from being in the 150's....Just plugging along.  I guess that proves that no mater what you're going thru, if you just stick to it and don't give up, you will succeed...


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Feb 13 2014
23:49 (UTC)

Well, we ended up with about 7 inches, with about an inch of sleet on top. So I'm just gonna stay home for the next couple of days.  I did get in a great workout today from home.  On the lifting program I'm doing now, you can choose your exercises, so this time, I picked stuff I can do at home, with the equipment I have. Good thing, cause the weather has been awful.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Feb 12 2014
20:31 (UTC)

@ sara you got that right.  It just started where I am and they're forecasting about a foot here, needless to say. I think I'm going to have a 5 day weekend.


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Feb 12 2014
15:12 (UTC)

@burton you and me both.... We are supposed to get around a foot this time. The only good thing, looks like I'll have a five day weekend.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Feb 10 2014
13:32 (UTC)

Good Monday morning ladies


I hate Mondays...but at least I'm prepared for this week. I think....Looks like everyone had good weekends.  I didn't do any exercising but did keep my foods in check.  I also prepped breakfast and lunch this week.  So for breakfast, apple/cranberry steel cut crockpot oats and for lunch cauliflower and potato soup.  That was a new thing.  The cauliflower really does taste like potato.  The ratio of cauliflower to potato is like 4 to 1, so the soup is mostly cauliflower.  I hate to admit it I actually added the little amount of potato because I was scare of the cauliflower....I do not like it raw at all....

Today is a double workout day, walk at lunch and zumba this evening.  Weather lady is calling for Wed to be interesting for us say I'm done with the cold and snow is an understatement.  I wish spring would get here already.

Have a good week.