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Health & Support Antidepressants/anxiety causing GI issues? Aug 22 2014
13:54 (UTC)

I started it about the same time as you and I've lost about 20 lbs.  I did find that the last month or so, the weight loss has leveled out.  

If the weight loss worries you defiantly talk to your doc. But maybe things will level out for you too. :)


Weight Loss Fiber powder not helping Aug 11 2014
18:22 (UTC)

I have the same issue but mine is due to medication.  I started drinking a daily green smoothie with chia seeds and it has worked wonders.  Of course the green smoothie adds veggies and fruit (ie more fiber) and of course drink more water. :)


Weight Loss Change in face after weight loss? Jul 30 2014
15:19 (UTC)

Yes you will probably see it in your face first. For me, the first thing that went was the double chin.... :)

Fitness Adult Trike Jul 09 2014
18:14 (UTC)

Thanks barbara. One of the main reasons for me getting it was to "be involved" both my husband and daughter ride.  When they go, I always feel left out. So this seemed like a way that I could ride and not be so scared of falling.

Health & Support antidepressants? Jul 09 2014
17:07 (UTC)

Actually I typed that wrong I'm on 300mg, 150x2 per day.  The first week I was on 150 mg and it was awful. I was very angry, and the anxiety was at a high.  I usually don't have anxiety issues.  Then when we went up to 300mg, things leveled off.

Fitness Lifting Question Jul 09 2014
15:23 (UTC)

Well I tried my first metabolic workout yesterday and in 10 mins I was breathing hard and sweating in a good way.  I just want to make sure I'm doing it like I'm supposed to....

Ok this is what I did,


10 walking lunges ea side (w 25lb plate)

10 stepups each side (w 25lb plate)

10 pushups (from floor)

10 squats (w 25lb plate) a** to grass style

rest 1 minute


1 minute hop scotch

10 lunge with overhead reach ea side (12 lb medicine ball)

10 mountain climber (ea side) from floor

5 burpees

Rest 1 min then start over ( I did both supersets twice through)





Health & Support antidepressants? Jul 09 2014
15:11 (UTC)

After YEARS of fighting to stay off meds, I went on 450 mg wellbutrin sr.  This was the best thing I've ever done for myself.  I was at an all time low, suicidal, when I finally said ok to the meds.  I wouldn't say I'm "happy", but much more at peace with my busy life. I have tons more energy and I can calmly handle situations which before would completely defeat me.

Fitness Lifting Question Jul 01 2014
17:23 (UTC)

Thanks I will try that, especially since it's getting to the "dog days of summer" here and I hate the treadmill with a passion... I'd much rather walk outside :)

Fitness Lifting Question Jul 01 2014
15:44 (UTC)

Yes I did all of the basic training workouts, I'm about 1/2 way through hypertrophy II.  On non lifting days I usually do a power walk for 3 miles.

At the end of the hypertrophy workouts he has you do complexes and after those I'm whipped.  As far as the rest periods, I don't exactly do what he says.  I rest when I need I'm not resting much in between except when I do the complexes. Luckily I usually have the gym to myself, so I set up all of the necessary equipment close to each other, so I can just go from one exercise right to the other and so on, so my rest is mostly in the transition from one exercise to the next.


Fitness Lifting Question Jul 01 2014
14:17 (UTC)

Thanks everyone. I'm currently doing what scrapper suggested, hypertrophy routine with a small deficit (say 300).  At this time I'm not too worried about gaining strength or mass, more concerned over losing fat and burning calories. So I think I'm gonna continue through hypertrophy one more time then move on to strength.

Crazine I haven't tried the abs program but have heard its one of the best ones.  I will have to try it before too long.

Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 27 2014
16:39 (UTC)

No problem, I know that unfortunately sometimes it takes someone else to put perspective on things.  I hope things go well this weekend.  Take care of yourself.


Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 27 2014
14:24 (UTC)
Original Post by knitty46:

 I want to be on top of the totem poll when he calls me.  It seems that when he calls his friends around and its like he is talking in a group.  I only get to see him once a month due to funds.  Even then we are not alone.  That's why I am depressed.  We have or he has 2 poms and they come first.  Everyone comes first and this is why I am depressed.  He is being rude.  My ex husband was like that too.  But since my boyfriend and I have been apart it's worse.  It wasn't like this year ago.  It happen when we moved into a 5th wheel to save money.  It was like cabin fever.  So he went back to TX which is an hour away.  He has other interest.


Again, I hate to be forward but ^^this makes me think (as someone on the outside looking in) that the boyfriend is a LARGE part of the issue.  Have you discussed this with him?  I know it may be hard, but if he "has other interests" as you stated above then maybe it's time to let him go.... He may be holding you back from a relationship with someone that will value you and treat you properly....

Fitness is this to much workout? Jun 25 2014
19:40 (UTC)

I had similar stats when I started 4'11 189 lbs. I ate around 1600 calories a day and was exercising similarly.  However, I noticed the biggest changes in my body when I started a weight lifting program and started lifting weights 3x per week and only do cardio 3x per week for about 30 mins each.  One of those cardio workouts is a zumba class and the other is speed walking. I'm now at 156, however, I've gone down 6 sizes (weight lifting makes a difference)

Eat more, that's a given.  Add in some snacks as water girl suggested.  Why are you not eating red meat?  That's okay in moderation, although I only eat red meat maybe twice per week.  Also it's okay to have carbs, just make sure the majority of them are brown. Also I noticed no dairy, if you can tolerate it, this is fine too. In fact fat-free or 2% greek yogurt can be your best friend.... I use it as a substitute for mayo, sour cream etc.  I go by the philosophy that everything in moderation, I hate eliminating whole food groups.

Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 25 2014
17:11 (UTC)

Knitty, not to be too forward, but do you think your current situation with the boyfriend is leading to the depression.  They way you stated above, I'd almost suggest that you look at your relationship and how that effects your mood.  Sometimes if you take yourself out of a bad or depressing situation everything else starts to get better.

I would definitely get help of some sort, if you are too afraid to work because of the depression it is beyond time to get help.  Don't let the depression rule your life, you have to learn to rule the depression.  And if that means going to therapy or getting on meds, then so be it. Please, Please don't do what I did and keep lying to yourself that "you got this" when in reality your just one step away from the ledge....

Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 24 2014
19:53 (UTC)

I agree with Amanda, it has so much to do with so many aspects of life. Once I got the depression "under control" the other issues went away too.  Don't get me wrong I still have bad days, but I can handle them much better that I could before.

Definitely get some hobbies and in turn you may find friends that do those things. Best of luck to you and feel free to message me anytime.

Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 21 2014
01:07 (UTC)

Hello, MDD is Major Depressive Disorder. I've probably had it for 5 years or so, before I actually did something about it. I'm medicated now, but yes I used to have to give myself pep talks. I still work, so I sort of don't have a choice of getting out, but I make it a priority to have at least an hour for just me every day. I'm a working mom, so the pressure of life in general made my condition worse.

Is there a recreation center or something that you can go to. I know the one here has programs for people your age. That may be a way to meet people.  You might join a gym and meet some people there.

Weight Loss Looking for help with depression eating. Jun 20 2014
19:21 (UTC)

When you say you get depressed, do you mean that you may be suffering from MDD, or that you just get lonely and sad?

I have MDD and the best advice I can give you is to:

1) not buy your trigger foods, just keep them out of the house period

2) find some sort of hobby (besides cooking)  :)

3) Make a daily habit of getting out of the house

4) Exercise (you can use this as your excuse for #3)

And lastly, if the depression gets to the point where you can't function, don't hesitate going to your doctor or starting therapy.  For YEARS, I thought I was strong enough to deal with it on my own... Finally I gave up and got help and it's changed my life.



Fitness weight routine under an hour per session Jun 20 2014
12:45 (UTC)

I agree with dbacker.  I work out on my lunch hour, so I only have an hour.  I always skipped the matrix and intervals and did those on a non-lifting day.  I'm now doing NROL supercharged and so far none of the workouts are over an hour.

Health & Support coffee help with pooping Jun 16 2014
17:21 (UTC)

I don't know about coffee, but I have the same issues (from medication) and I find that a green smoothie a day helps.  But I fully agree with maycherry, increase your fiber and water and thing should get moving again :)


Health & Support Anxiety/Depression Medication? May 28 2014
12:50 (UTC)
Original Post by sybst:

Waffle: Just because Wellbutrin wasn't right *for you* does NOT mean that it is a bad drug, or that your psychiatrist was anything less than smart or helpful by trying you on a course of it. Psych meds are highly individual, and results are largely trial and error. Don't generalize.

OP: Listen to your doctor. They know both you and the current meds on the market much better than anyone on an online forum does.

^^This.  Wellbutrin has changed my life.  And I have lost weight on it.  I suffer from depression, however, not anxiety.  But each med is different for each patient.

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