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The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 24 2014
12:27 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

Unconscionable misuse of an Excel spreadsheet aside, it's pretty clear that their relationship is nearly over. If he's amassing 'evidence' to justify leaving, or cheating for that matter, then they're probably finished.

It's not clear that he was using his amateur SS as a "justification" for anything.  I can imagine a scenario in which she's convinced her refusals aren't happening "all that often" - so I'm wondering if this is a response to fight they've already had.

In any case, it's clear they're not communicating with each other - unless they're willing to take the step of at least trying to understand what the other might be going through, I agree, there's not a long future there.

The Lounge Spanking out grey matter Jul 23 2014
19:40 (UTC)
Original Post by anewdawn:

You know I don't think the so called decline in behaviors has much to do with less spankings myself.  I think it's because not much replaced it - how many times do you hear the "1......2.................................... ............................................. .and 1/2.........................(what the child knows for sure is the unspoken part of this sentence is: "do you want me to say 3 cause if I do I really don't know what happens next....I'll probably just start at one again".

Drives me freaking NUTS!  LOL At least be doing something useful and teach the child to count to at least 10....or ABC's perhaps...

"If I get to Z you will really be in big trouble!!"

Agreed.  The cardinal rule with discipline is that you never make a threat that you're not prepared to carry through - whether it's spanking or taking away the TV.

Most parents are trying to avoid the spanking, and they know that even if they don't have to deal with the whine fest when the TV isn't available, then they'll *gasp* have to interact with their child and give them something else to do that doesn't involve cartoons.

The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 23 2014
18:36 (UTC)
Original Post by immabee:

I don't get why he thought he needed a spreadsheet for this. He could have just jotted it down in word. If he's not gonna calculate percentage of the time he gets it vs times asked, it's just a waste of the awesomeness that is spreadsheets...

I know!

He didn't even bother with a simple pareto chart.  *amatuer*

The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 23 2014
18:30 (UTC)
Original Post by nebi-hime:

So a relationship is defined by sex alone, to all those people? Why can't people live without sex? Why is it not considered OK?

Of course a marriage relationship is not defined by sex alone, but something is wrong somewhere, IMO, if it's almost completely absent  (unless there's a medical issue involved).

It's not unreasonable for her to expect more appreciation for what she does around the house.  On the other hand, the guy is not being a pig just because he has the nerve to want to be intimate with his wife.

The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 23 2014
15:18 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I can't believe you just called us all trolls!

But you're the cute kind! 

(The trolls I was referring to are the name callers.)

I look forward to your spreadsheet.  (crossing fingers for a pivot table)

The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 23 2014
14:40 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I didn't know she had called him a bunch of obscene names. Maybe they need to go to counseling if they want to stay married. Or maybe this spreadsheet was the springboard she needed to begin the process of getting a divorce.

But I notice that he didn't make a spreadsheet that detailed his many efforts to make her feel valued and loved in a way that she would actually feel either.

I didn't mean that she called him a bunch of obscene names (she might have), but the masses that felt the need to comment on her marital situation saw fit to either label her a "frigid beyotch" or him a "sex obsessed caveman ***hole."  (and many interesting variants)

The spreadsheet is indeed rather biased, but her decision to broadcast their sex life all over the internet for every troll to dissect is just as petty as the spreadsheet.

Internet marriage counseling - it's really not a good idea.

The Lounge you can use them for all sorts of stuff Jul 23 2014
14:15 (UTC)
Original Post by smw:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I can't endorse that use of a spreadsheet, at least, not with his attitude.

Apparently he's just not understanding that he is the problem.

Both of them contribute to the problem - marriage is a two sided equation, and he didn't draft that spreadsheet out of nowhere.

While I can't condone the passive aggressive statement instead of, you know, actually being an adult and talking about it, I also don't condone a person airing their personal dirty laundry all over the internet so a bunch of strangers can feel entitled to call their spouse a bunch of obscene names.

It's ridiculous.

The Lounge cures for insomnia Jul 23 2014
13:02 (UTC)

The sure fire way to get me to sleep, as hubby found out a while ago, is for me to be a passenger in a moving car on  a long drive (at least 20 minutes).

Listening to the Brandenburg Concertos - not because they're boring, but because they are extremely relaxing.

Sudoku - eventually my eyes become tired enough I have an uncontrollable need to close them.

The Lounge For Pav, to make you feel better about those cake pops Jul 22 2014
15:00 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I will say, boxed brownie mixes make far better brownies than any homemade recipe I've ever tried.

That's because you've never had my Oma's brownies.  They were legendary.

And I totally respect your stance on dessert - really.

The Lounge For Pav, to make you feel better about those cake pops Jul 22 2014
14:50 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Philistines.  The lot of you.  With your spray cake and your cookie tubes.  You probably buy those premade pie crusts too, don't you?!  AND COOL WHIP!

*feels faint*

In my defense: My pie crusts suck and would desecrate the ethereal nature of pie more than Pilsbury ever could.  (lesser of two evils kind of thing...)

Just curious Pav, how luddite are you getting here?  Do you trust the dairy section of your store, or are you currently working on your butter churning?

The Lounge For Pav, to make you feel better about those cake pops Jul 22 2014
14:25 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Pie is better.


The Lounge For Pav, to make you feel better about those cake pops Jul 22 2014
14:05 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I've heard of the cake in a mug phenomena, but haven't tried one.  I can see it for a quick, individual treat though.

But a cake.  An entire cake.  In the microwave.  From a can.  Something you intend to serve to others. 

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that could done for full size cakes pre-Spray Cake, too.

And I gotta disagree on cookie dough tubes - I mean, if I'm actually baking cookies, yeah, homemade is the way to go.  But when I still indulged in couch potato post finals TV watching, Toll House tubes were awesome.

The Lounge For Pav, to make you feel better about those cake pops Jul 22 2014
13:32 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:


It's microwaveable.  MICROWAVEABLE CAKE!

While I sympathize with the digust of *shudder* cake in a can, the idea of  microwaved cake is not a new one  (and not that bad, either).

My biggest problem with the can is that I'm afraid that this is what kids in the future will actually expect when it comes to making something.  They'll look at an old fashioned recipe and say "Wait, what the heck is a "mixing bowl"?"

ETA:  Of course, now I realize I may be overly optimistic about kids of the future looking at recipes period, much  less old fashioned ones.  *Weeps with pav*

The Lounge Struggling with belief in any higher deity(ies) Jul 16 2014
19:10 (UTC)
Original Post by dakatz:

I think the atheist in that debate made a wonderful point.  Many atheists are asked "what if you are wrong, and what if it ends up that God does exist and you are standing before him".

I typically respond with "What happens if you're wrong and you wind up standing in front of Zeus?"

ETA:  It's just a different way of phrasing Pascal's Wager, and doesn't make any more sense.  It can be used to argue for literally any religion on the planet.

As for different beliefs within one religion:  God Cares About What I Care About

The Lounge Situation at the border Jul 10 2014
13:56 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:
How about we close a tax loophole or two to pay for it?

I was thinking of axing pointless DOD spending, but that works too.

The Lounge What have you done for the environment lately? Jul 09 2014
17:58 (UTC)
Original Post by liseey02:

Oh yeah, and about the solo cups thing - I don't know whether those are better or worse either.

I'm still trying to figure out if Kevin's being serious or just likes a particular Toby Keith song.

I must say, when I was partying in college, it never occurred to me to use them as everyday drinkware.

The Lounge What the... what? Jul 09 2014
13:45 (UTC)

While I don't think climate change denial is specifically a hate crime, I think we can all agree that stupidity should be grounds for not electing someone to office.

Or at least not putting them in a position to influence science education curricula.

The Lounge It's not about impeachment, or is it? Jul 08 2014
14:29 (UTC)

Yes.  Let's cut "White House Funding."

Wasn't it Goehmert that was whining about the shut down of White House tours a while back?  Why, yes it was....

The Lounge What the... what? Jul 07 2014
20:11 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Tell me this isn't real. People aren't this dumb and petty. Right?

Some of them are, yes.  I kid you not, I've worked with people who, when they knew Earth Day was coming up, bragged about how they were planning on buying a value pack of stryofoam plates at Sam's and having a bonfire with it.  When I scoffed with "uh huh", one guy said, "no, really - they're in the back of my truck right now."

The Lounge World Cup Jul 07 2014
19:55 (UTC)
Original Post by crazineko:

  It's just too...European.   

Considering that the majority of America, at one point, was mostly made of European immigrants, I'm wondering why this is a so often offered as a reason for Americans to dislike something.  There are very few things in America today without a European origin.

Of course, people are entitled to their opinions, but Ann Coulter is full of it.