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The Lounge Another case in St Louis Oct 10 2014
14:47 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I read this article last night.

This has been a problem in St. Louis municipalities for a very long time.  I was once stopped for going (not kidding) 3 miles over the speed limit, which resulted in a $150 fine and the cop actually taking my license and telling me to use the ticket as proof of license until I could come to their excuse for a "courthouse" to pay the fine. Even for those people who can afford the fine, it's ridiculous.

People in the counties know which areas to avoid when they've been living here for a while. While it marginally increases their revenue, I'm wondering how much business those areas lose because people make a point of avoiding them.

And while I'm not sure who TV was referring to in other threads, the conditions in St. Louis are something I certainly don't think of as inconsequential.  I was just making a point that conditions vary around the area.  I think it's rather sucky that St. Louis can have schools of the caliber of Wash U, but still people are wary of going there.

The Lounge Ghosts and aliens and Sasquatch...oh my! Oct 10 2014
00:04 (UTC)

Ghosts/poltergeists/demons - no

Souls - not sure, but open to it

Reincarnation - not sure, but open to it

Extra terrestials - yes, but don't think we've encountered them yet

ESP or supernatural abilities - not totally discounting the possibility as we're still discovering the abilities of the human mind, but every instance I've read about can be easily explained by everyday phenomena.

Mythological beings - no (they're referred to as "myths" for a reason)

Mythological being I wish were real: Hippogriff

The Lounge Another case in St Louis Oct 09 2014
21:10 (UTC)
Original Post by realrawhealthyandfit:

I honestly wanted to go to college in St Louis... With all that's going on, not so sure anymore...

It's important to understand the geography of St. Louis.   Sure, news reports make it sound like the entirety of St. Louis is crime ridden hell hole, when in reality St. Louis is a pretty spread out metropolitan area with a few significant trouble areas (specifically the city, and areas like Ferguson with a history of racial disparity). 

It's likely you wouldn't have any more worries than going to school in any other city, unless you start going into east St. Louis, hanging out on Washington Ave., or walking around Forest Park after dark.

The Lounge What did you love to do in junior high (middle school)? Oct 08 2014
14:59 (UTC)

I liked and was really good at math and science, read a lot, hung out with the few friends I had, and went to dance class 4x a week.

So, sort of, in that I did eventually go to engineering school and have an engineering job, but didn't go back to the dancing once I graduated high school.

I never once had any asperations that I would become a professional dancer, but I do recall pretty set on going into a career that involved math and science.

The Lounge The Cult of Neil DeGrasse Tyson Oct 03 2014
13:06 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Is a more humble attitude about science and its limits necessary?  Is the criticism of Tyson's scientism off base?

1.  Yes

2.  No

I will confess a certain amount of bias on my part, mainly because while I did enjoy the limited amount of philosophy I was exposed to in high school, and I love reading your posts about it here in CC, it makes my brain hurt, and after a certain amount of time, my eyes glaze over.  I loved reading Emerson and Plato, but it took me (what seemed like) forever to do it.

IOW, I sometimes agree with NDT on philosophy, but most of the time I don't.   I realize it's value even if I'm not actively participating in the discussion.

That being said, I also realize that approaches to presenting science like NDTs aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, and I'm personally glad he was called out on this if for no other reason so that his more cultish followers can see that he's just as susceptible to common error and misallocated memory as the rest of us.  

I loved that Pigliucci article, and noted specifically at the end that NDT didn't disagree with him on his analysis.  Who knows, maybe it's a sign that NDT is working on it.  I thought the apology he posted on Facebook was nice.

As for the apparent simplicity of the Cosmos reboot - It was pretty much what I expected.  When producing something for such a wide audience, including schoolchildren, it's going to have to be at a more basic level.  Was Sagan's better? - Oh I certainly think so.  But the reboot was supposed to be homage, not a copy.  There will never be another Sagan.

The Lounge The Cult of Neil DeGrasse Tyson Oct 02 2014
22:24 (UTC)

 Does the misquotation affect Tyson's credibility?  No.  If it does, then we need to question the credibility of every celebrity and politician who has ever misquoted anything, which is a very long list.

Are Tyson's most adamant supporters hypocritically unscientific?  Given how popular he is, I'm sure some of them are, but I wouldn't go so far as to presume that all of them are.

Are there different standards for inclusion of controversial information about public figures on wikipedia depending on viewpoint? Of course there are - that's why school children aren't allowed to use it as a reference in a report.

What should the standards of inclusion be? I have no idea - I occasionally use Wiki as  starting point, not as an endpoint reference.  Wiki can set whatever standard it wants.

Was Tyson's apology adequate or an egotistical effort to save face? Both, I think.

Do you like Tyson or dislike Tyson, and why? I like him because of how enthusiastic he is about talking about science, and how he has a knack for drawing people into it with him.  Stirring up scientific excitement in those who would not normally pay attention to it is a good thing.  He also looks good in shades.

  What relationship with science is most appropriate for scientific celebrities?  Not sure what you mean by "relationship."  I think celebrities who discuss and promote science should know a little something about it, but they don't necessarily need a doctorate.

The Lounge Blame the Rape Victim in Pennsylvania Oct 02 2014
12:38 (UTC)
Original Post by marrichch:

Premeditated murder and rape is punishable by death. Not my words, but the words of the One who created us.

1.  We don't live in a theocracy

2.  If you're talking about the Bible, better re-read what the punishment for rape is - sometimes it's just a payoff.

3.  What does the One say about what punishment should be doled out to the government that executes an innocent person?

The Lounge Regional Foods Oct 01 2014
15:13 (UTC)

I have fond memories of trips to Texas during the summer with my family, and looking forward to Blue Bell ice cream.  I can get it in Springfield, MO nowadays, but I think that's the furthest north I've seen it.

And Moon Pies.  I can't seem to find Moon Pies in St. Louis anywhere, but they're all over the place the further south you go.

The Lounge Ebola is in the US Sep 30 2014
21:18 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

Here are a few things I recommend.

  1. Remain calm
  2. Restric travel to various parts of Africa where Ebola is now prevalent.
  3. Make certain any travelers coming back from that area are aware of the symptoms and know what to watch for so they can inform doctors if they become ill.
  4. Make sure infected patients families are screened.

I do have trust that our medical facilities will contain any outbreaks very quickly. We will need to make sure no one is going untreated due to insurance issues.

5.  Put some pharmaceutical companies in your investment portfolio.

The Lounge WWF (world wildlife fund) living planet report Sep 30 2014
19:59 (UTC)
Original Post by snowqueen690:

 What can we do?  Nothing, unfortunately, mother nature will take care of it when she has had enough (and this won't be pretty, most likely will be in the form of a global deadly plague, and famine).

Well, I'll partially agree that nature, in one way or another, will take care of itself.....

"The planet is fine. The people are **cked."  (George Carlin)

However, I don't think throwing our hands up in the air and saying 'whatevs' is our only option.  I, for one, think it's worth the effort to make the only home we currently have a little more inhabitable, even if it's only in the short term.

The Lounge OMG.... Why would any one want to do that again n again.... Sep 29 2014
16:47 (UTC)
Original Post by Adi_:

I actually did a search on how to reduce pain... because obviously i don’t know much about it and figured if a lot of people are getting it done on a regular basis there must be some trick to it.... b-Waxing-Pain.htm

yeah, the key word there is reduce, not eliminate.   Even the advertisement for the "no scream cream" doesn't claim "pain free."

And people are getting it done on a regular basis because they feel the long term benefit outweighs the temporary physical discomfort.

The Lounge OMG.... Why would any one want to do that again n again.... Sep 29 2014
16:36 (UTC)
Original Post by Adi_:

Ok... I guess my mistake was in assuming all posh looking salon's would automatically have something like a no scream cream ( looked it up online earlier .... on what can make it painless )

is that something new and something that a person in a beauty service industry is supposed to be unaware off? or... am i to believe that they take pleasure in making people  make noises...

it doesn’t make any business sense because its like that scene with the dentist where a  patient makes noises and every one outside gets scared and runs away...

Where did you look for info?  I don't know what 'no scream cream' is, but when I looked it up on Amazon, it was quite obvious there were a significant number of 1 and 2 star reviews indicating it didn't help at all. 

Unless the salon is offering hospital grade anesthetic instead of over the counter topical lidocaine, you're not going to fry/rip out hair follicles and it be completely pain free.

Or maybe my salon just wasn't posh enough...

The Lounge OMG.... Why would any one want to do that again n again.... Sep 29 2014
15:45 (UTC)
Original Post by Adi_:

Original Post by nebi-hime:

Permanent hair removal means you have to first shave it all off, then you get lasered pew pew. It also hurts like a ****, according to someone I know. It needs several treatments a few weeks apart and sometimes doesn't even work either.

it does? i thought it dint hurt... don’t they have local aesthetics for that kind of stuff ....

Nope, hurts like a beyotch, even with the numbing gel they give you.

Glad I did it, though.

The Lounge Obamacare Success = Republican Vote Sep 29 2014
15:38 (UTC)

It's not all that unusual for an insurance company to request proof of dependent status.  Just curious - why do you refuse to do the paperwork?

The Lounge How fast could you read Game of Thrones? Sep 28 2014
15:23 (UTC)
121 days @ 1 hour a day
The Lounge Blame the Rape Victim in Pennsylvania Sep 26 2014
18:21 (UTC)
Original Post by mcsean:

Original Post by santonacci:

Original Post by mcsean:

Have all of you run out of logical arguments, that now I want to control, pull the lever and secretly get off on watching an execution? Really this is your best argument? 

"all of you"?  Are you under the impression that because we agree on one point that we all post as the same entity?

And the "best argument", IMO, is catwalker's in post #53.

That was cheap shot and you did not defend.

#53 we are talking about this case, are you saying he is innocent of charges on multiple occasions including in prison!?

??? What am I supposed to be defending?  It wasn't a cheap shot - only noting that we're individuals and only one person was responsible for the post you took exception to.

And, yeah, you need to re-read #53 - I'm not talking about this specific case, but the case of every innocent person who has been, and is currently on, death row.  In order to insure the death of the guilty, you have to accept the death of the innocent. 

The Lounge Blame the Rape Victim in Pennsylvania Sep 26 2014
14:57 (UTC)
Original Post by mcsean:

Have all of you run out of logical arguments, that now I want to control, pull the lever and secretly get off on watching an execution? Really this is your best argument? 

"all of you"?  Are you under the impression that because we agree on one point that we all post as the same entity?

And the "best argument", IMO, is catwalker's in post #53.

The Lounge Blame the Rape Victim in Pennsylvania Sep 26 2014
14:42 (UTC)
Original Post by mowe626018059:

My point is that people are willing to accept the deaths of civilians in foreign countries, often in the name of very vague ideals. When it comes to capital punishment, suddenly everyone is crying about the value of human life and how capital punishment makes our government a tyranny.

You didn't actually ask anybody how they felt about US foreign policy, and nobody expressed their opinions on it in this thread, so I'm curious as to how you know that they are simply "willing to accept the deaths of civilians" in other countries.

And when a government continues a practice they know kills innocent people and is inherently biased, it is as the very least a practice that should be questioned.....just like we should always be questioning US foreign policy.

The Lounge 2013 Most Banned Books Sep 25 2014
21:22 (UTC)

Back to the banned book thing...

It seems to me that challenging or otherwise attempting to remove books is kind of counterproductive.

I had little interest in "Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret" until I found out a bunch of evangelicals demanded that it was removed from my middle school library.  And it turned out to be one of the better books I read as an adolescent - so, I guess....thank you Holy Rollers!

The Lounge 2013 Most Banned Books Sep 25 2014
18:56 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

In any class I ever took, I got out of it in direct proportion to the effort I put into it.

My own motivation was the most important factor in how much I learned.


And there are actually lots of books that were banned in certain places and times that I haven't read yet.


This is a good time of year to pick one up and give it a whirl. One of these days, I will read - and finish - Ulysses.

Why on earth would you punish yourself like that?

It's not like she's trying Finnegan's Wake.

I have good memories of reading Ulysses on a long drive to Texas.

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