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The Lounge Three edicts Dec 18 2014
14:39 (UTC)

I thought Freddie wore an ascot, but maybe the term cravat applies to it as well.

The Lounge so how do americans feel about the cuba development? Dec 18 2014
14:30 (UTC)

I want to be able to buy cuban rum from inside the states. That is all I have to say about it.

Young Calorie Counters Please help, I'm stuck :( Dec 18 2014
10:25 (UTC)

I can't think of a pre-existing diet plan that fits your needs. I would start with the healthiest foods that you can afford/access.

Maybe something like regular yogurt, honey and dried fruit, beans and rice, chicken and tomatoes. If you focus on affordable vegetables and then supplement with whatever fruits, proteins, and starches you can get, I think that's a good start. I figure the more space the vegetables took up on my plate, the better I did that day (not to say that you should just eat vegetables).

The Lounge Three edicts Dec 18 2014
10:18 (UTC)

I wouldn't give any firearms to anyone who wasn't trained on how to properly fire it and on proper safety, and if you just give them to every woman, what about the mentally ill/violence issues or both. 

1. Sufficient food and clean water for everyone

2. No illegal detainments by either private parties or the government (this covers slavery, kidnapping, hostage taking, renditions, Gitmo)

3. Free education through high school and one extra (the extra can be college, technical training, basically some post-high school certificate that should help you achieve something in life)

Sure there are a bunch of bad things still out there like war, terrorism, etc but I wanted everyone to have a shot at a good life. Some people will jack it up anyway, but if I were Queen of the World, I'd hope people weren't screwed coming out the gate.

Fitness Airix pad or bar pad? Dec 18 2014
10:09 (UTC)

I got the hampton thick bar pad of amazon, which is cheaper than the aires pad. I tried using the gym's airex pad (so I didn't have to buy anything) but the bar kept sliding on it.


Fitness Need help with my arms :) Dec 18 2014
10:06 (UTC)

My favorite tricep exercise is the rope extension. You can use a band if you don't have gym access.

close gripped pushups and close gripped bench can also help with your triceps. 

Fitness When you reach your maximum Dec 17 2014
22:55 (UTC)

What's the rep/set scheme you're working on? For me, reps of 3 at a really heavy weight feel more stressful per lift than reps of 8 at a lower weight, but that shouldn't cause injury, unless your form gives out at the heavier weight. 

Weight Loss Is this eating in the evening weight gain thing a myth? May 15 2014
18:09 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Did he say what would happen if you went to bed within 2-3 hours of eating? I'm imagining something to do with Gremlins.

Acid-reflux causing gremlins, duh!

Foods Low carb pasta May 15 2014
03:34 (UTC)

I just use spaghetti squash when I want a healthier "pasta." Or I just make my own pasta and say screw the carbs, this tastes good.

Fitness Squats with or without weights? May 15 2014
03:33 (UTC)

It should be heavy, but heavy is relative. For me squatting with 230 is heavy, but maybe for you heavy is 75. It doesn't matter where you start. What matters is you use proper form and add weight over time. Also, try doing hip thrusts and deadlifts too.

The Lounge Common Core = teaching pornography May 15 2014
03:25 (UTC)

If you don't want schools teaching your children porn, don't have kids or gauge out their eyes, so they can't read. Problem solved!

The Lounge can this be even remotely legal? Dec 15 2013
03:13 (UTC)

I've been on hiatus for a while, so I don't know how this discussion got so ratchet, so quickly, but i don't think it's that unusual for someone to get charged with a crime due to someone else's bullets.

Easy example: two goons break into a house of a man who own's a gun. He catches them, shoots at one, kills him and the other goon gets charged with felony murder because his choosing to commit a crime- going with his accomplice to rob the house, set of the chain of events that led to the accomplice's death. 

The same thing would happen if a cop shot at a kidnapper and accidentally killed the hostage.

I think there are a variety of issues with police procedure and culture in our country including but not limited to: militarizing them, poorly training them, selecting them racial profiling, and a general lack of accountability for their mistakes, but this legal premise for the indictment is not that odd.

Fitness Squats really work? Dec 15 2013
02:57 (UTC)

hip thrusts, kettle bell swings, one-legged rdls- work for me

The Lounge Most Under-Rated TV shows ever Oct 30 2013
15:12 (UTC)

The Oblongs.

The Lounge Should they be charged? Oct 21 2013
12:45 (UTC)
Original Post by Adi_:

Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

It looked to me like a good wind driven rain would have done the same thing in a relatively short (extremely short geologically speaking) time.

Had it not been filmed nobody would have noticed.

I'm not sure how they've been identified as Scout Leaders, what I saw of the video didn't indicate that.

Stupidity isn't specifically a crime.

I think the "anti-gay" stand the BSA has taken in the past is partly responsible for the OP's strong feelings on the issue.

No, I  don't think they should be prosecuted.

Maybe given a "National Park" time out.

I am willing to bet , these folk's all up for prosecuting the "criminal " would be all  for prosecuting the reserve authorities had there really been an incident as claimed in the video..

A sudden gust of wind topping over the boulder over and killing young child or a helpless old lady... then it would be a matter of sheer neglect in handling dangerous rocks ... where would the natural' beauty be then? No,it would not be socially acceptable to talk about the rock's and natural beauty when it involves the death of a child...

Wut. If a young child was too close to the rock formation- blame the parents. Why would a helpless old lady go out to the dessert? Stupid examples are stupid.

The Lounge Should they be charged? Oct 20 2013
17:00 (UTC)

I also think their position as Boy Scout leaders has little/nothing to do with it. There was that 15 year old Chinese boy who vandalized an ancient Egyptian temple, and he also got death threats, lots of 'em. As it turns out, people don't like it when jerks destroy artifacts, and just because the artifact will come to an end at some point, doesn't justify hastening the process. That's like saying murder shouldn't be a crime because everyone dies someday.

The Lounge Should they be charged? Oct 20 2013
16:58 (UTC)

lock 'em up. It's not okay to destroy things that aren't yours and if they don't know that at this age, then their parents failed them as children and they failed themselves as adults.

Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 19 2013
17:53 (UTC)

Yesterday's lift


  • broad jump 6x5
  • deadlift 5x5x195
  • reverse lunge 3x6x70lbs
  • pallof press 3x10x50lbsxside
Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 19 2013
17:53 (UTC)

Yesterday's lift


  • broad jump 6x5
  • deadlift 5x5x195
  • reverse lunge 3x6x70lbs
  • pallof press 3x10x50lbsxside
The Lounge If you just wanna see what you'd pay Oct 18 2013
18:08 (UTC)

I tried it, but it just told me I was eligible for medicaid, since my income is so low. I'm a student though, so I don't actually think I'm eligible for medicaid.