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The Lounge If you just wanna see what you'd pay Oct 18 2013
18:08 (UTC)

I tried it, but it just told me I was eligible for medicaid, since my income is so low. I'm a student though, so I don't actually think I'm eligible for medicaid.

The Lounge Prosecuting bullies after suicides Oct 17 2013
13:02 (UTC)
Original Post by rain_bows:

Original Post by smashley23:
Where do you live such that a 12 year old is deemed to have the same capacity to understand right from wrong as an adult?

UK, I take it that you don't think a 12yr old knows right from wrong?

They may not be as aware of the full or possible consequence, but they do know it's wrong.

I often find that children are far smarter than adults give them credit for.

Wut! Did you not read what I said or are you playing dense? I didn't say that 12 year olds can't tell right from wrong; They do not have the same capacity to understand it as adults, which is why they don't face the same legal consequences for their actions as adults. Not being aware of the consequences of their actions is relevant. There's a reason 12 year olds aren't allowed to drive, drink, vote, buy houses, etc. We, for good reason, assume that their CAPACITY, is less than that of adults. Not 0, but clearly diminished compared to an adults. Even if they know something is wrong, if they are not fully capable of appreciated the consequences of their actions, then punishing them like an adult is illogical

The Lounge Prosecuting bullies after suicides Oct 16 2013
22:15 (UTC)
Original Post by rain_bows:

Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

But I'm not convinced that someone who harasses someone repeatedly over a period of months can fairly attribute ALL of that behavior to the adolescent tendency toward risk taking, impulsivity and poor judgment. Do you?

I'm not going to guess what causes it.  What I do know is that criminalizing it exacerbates it.

Could a judge order a harasser/stalker to not be allowed to use the internet in any way for a period of time?  Yes, in the context of a pending criminal charge or a criminal conviction.  Could they issue that order to the local internet providers?  No.  Or would that be something that probation officers would be able to enforce?  Most likely. Combined with a restraining order to stay away from the person being harassed, could that address the problem?  How are you envisioning the problem being addressed?  A restraining order criminalizes further contact, so if criminalizing the behavior is expected to act as a deterrent, then that's all you need.  If you're envisioning physically denying a person access to the internet, I don't see how that is realistic when libraries have internet and every other kid in school has a smart phone.


I would be interested to hear what legally you believe should be done with these kids?

I am having trouble understanding why you think their behaviour does not constitute them being criminalized?

Here the law states that a child of 12 knows right from wrong, just as adults, , so do you also then think that an adult guilty of the same behaviour should also not be a criminal?

Are you suggesting that resources are found to work with each and every 'bully' and their family to try and put it all right?

Do you not believe that the person who has been on the receiving end of this behaviour and their family deserve to see justice done?


I'm not picking at you, I'm interested to hear what you think should be done.

Where do you live such that a 12 year old is deemed to have the same capacity to understand right from wrong as an adult?

Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 16 2013
15:34 (UTC)


  • Incline Press (4x1x10s)x95lbs; (4x1x10s)x5x90lbs
  • Asst. Pullups (4x2x10s)x6
  • Dumbbell Bench 3x8x70lbs
  • Head-supported row 3x8x80lbs
  • cable backhand 3x12x20lbsxside
  • zottman curls 3x10x35lbs
The Lounge Prosecuting bullies after suicides Oct 16 2013
15:33 (UTC)

There's some line, where I don't know, between being a schoolyard bully and being guilty of harassment. One of the things i'm struggling with is where to draw the line and how do decide it has been crossed.

Is it once there's a suicide or a suicide attempt, it was harassment? Is it more about the specific behavior that the perpetrator did? How much of this should be handled by school/parents, and when is it time for law enforcement? 

Also, what type of regime should be used to make people accountable, civil/criminal? We could make parents strictly liable for the consequences of their children's actions, which would incentivize them to pay attention to what their kids are doing and push them to be better people. We could mandate anti-bullying education and have it offered every few years- and adjust it as the kids get older.

We could have more criminal sanctions, but this sounds about as effective to me as prosecuting underaged drinking- yeah some people get caught, but it's a marginal deterrent at best. 

Are we charging these kids because we think what they did rises to criminal harassment or is this retaliation for a suicide that we want to blame on them, when there were almost certainly other contributing factors? Just because it feels good to hold someone to the fire doesn't mean we should.  To me, if the same charges would have been considered if the victim were still alive, fine, but if this is just an attempt to circumvent the fact that a manslaughter conviction wouldn't hold up, I have a problem with that.


Fitness 1 Million Pounds Oct 15 2013
14:12 (UTC)

Keep it up!

Fitness 5th World Marathon Major Oct 15 2013
14:11 (UTC)


Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 14 2013
20:54 (UTC)


  • Front squats (4x1x10s)x6x105lbs
  • Step Ups 4x8x50lbsxside
  • Ab rollout 3x10
  • natural ghr 3x8
  • Pistol squat to box 2x10

Did most of MSP2W2D

  • bench 8x3x65lbs; 2x3x115lbs
  • cgpb 3x5x85lbs
  • chest supported row 3x5x60lbs
Fitness I have no idea what I'm doing... Oct 11 2013
19:09 (UTC)
Starting strength is about as simple as it gets. Run it with a small deficit and you will get stronger, leaner and will understand the basics of strength training.
The Lounge What do Americans think of the government shutdown? Oct 11 2013
00:14 (UTC)

It's some bull****. Friends trying to finish their externships. No Smithsonian, NIH, etc.

Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 10 2013
15:19 (UTC)


  • broad jump 5x5
  • deadlift slightly elevated 4x5x175lbs
  • reverse lunge 3x6x50lbsxside
  • pallof press 3x10x40lbsxside


  • Squats (35, 85, 125, 175, 195lbs)
  • hip thrusts 1x5x215lbs
Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 09 2013
15:17 (UTC)


  • Incline Bench (5x1x10s)x5x70lbs
  • asst pullups (5x2x10s)x5
  • dumbbell bench 3x6x80lbs
  • dumbbell row 3x6x80lbs
  • cable backhands 3x10x10lbsxside
  • zottman curls 2x10x30lbs


Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 07 2013
13:51 (UTC)


  • front squats (5x1x10s)x5x75lbs
  • step ups 3x6x40lbsxside
  • ab rollout 3x10
  • ghr 2x10
  • pistol squat to box 2x7xside
Fitness Help me make an exercise plan? Oct 06 2013
15:13 (UTC)

I think yoga would be a good place to start.

The Lounge What is going on in DC? Oct 04 2013
17:50 (UTC)

Everything she did that day threatened her baby's life. I'm sorry that she was mentally ill, and couldn't get the help she needed, but out of all of the times I thought a police shooting was questionable- this is not one of them.

Should there be a full investigation? Absolutely, but I'm not ready to condemn the officers for what happened. 

Fitness Weight training for a beginner girl Oct 04 2013
16:18 (UTC)

If you have a squat rack, you can do pretty much any program. If not, see what you can do with dumbbells.

Fitness October 2013 Fitness Group -- All Are Welcome! Oct 04 2013
16:16 (UTC)

Forgot my chalk- made the deadlifts a real pain.

  • broad jump 5x5
  • deadlift 2x5x195; 3x5x175
  • Reverse lunge 3x6x50lbsxside
  • Pallof Press 3x10x40lbsxside
Fitness sqats lunges ab work Oct 01 2013
15:48 (UTC)

The activity log doesn't have specific weight lifting exercises. You just log weightlifting. If you want a way of measuring specific exercises- try fitocracy.

The Lounge New England Trip-Recommendations Sep 30 2013
16:32 (UTC)

Harpoon Brewery, 

Weight Loss Is this breakfast too much? Sep 30 2013
16:18 (UTC)
Original Post by 5feet2girl:

Let's see if I understand correctly: you guys think I have a problem because I think I'm fat and worried about gaining weight aka what I eat? YES FYI I have reason to be worried Not a sound reason about my hips got 1 inch bigger in total and my thighs got 0.5 inch bigger recently. Probably measuring tape error I have to watch myself before I get even bigger. You need to watch yourself go to a therapist

What kind of breakfast or meals would be excessive/too much for a person who's not doing cardio or is sedentary? A lot more than what you're eating.


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