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Young Calorie Counters judge me please-- Jun 05 2012
15:02 (UTC)

so many things wrong with this post, beginning with the subject "Judge me Please..."


For real? 

Young Calorie Counters I love him<3 May 29 2012
04:35 (UTC)

wow...way to be a downer. I believe puppy love can be one of the purest, most earnest forms of love. Let her have her bliss. If she's feeling love bubbling within her, even if it happens to be unrequited, that's a powerful and inspiring thing. No need to **** all over it. God.

Young Calorie Counters sex...... Jan 02 2012
05:59 (UTC)

18 for me, but wish i'd lost it earlier. sex is healthy and normal when it happens under safe, comfortable, and consensual circumstances. I almost feel like waiting until marriage is abnormal...having had sex now, i can't imagine that, lol. Gotta try out the goods before you buy 'em! ;)

Health & Support My Metabolism Is A Speed Demon Aug 14 2011
04:53 (UTC)

Yeah, you really truly aren't eating that much. Most of my normal teen friends eat twice (even thrice) that in an average day, and they aren't in recovery from an ED. You're hungry all the time because your body's trying to compensate for damage done. And, uh, it's starving.

You're hungry? Up your calories - listen to your body. It's telling you something for a reason.

In the meantime, I'm glad recovery has been ok for you so far. :) It can be very tumultuous, so it's a good sign that things are overall alright.

Young Calorie Counters Anorexia and Puberty Aug 12 2011
06:43 (UTC)

Oh, that broke my heart. :( and many of these posts here get very repetitive to me. But here's my experience: I would say that right now I'm going through a delayed puberty (after a serious bout of anorexia). I'm 18. I just got my period for the first time. I used to have generally clear skin, but now I'm breaking out like crazy while all my friends around me have been through with silly break outs like these for at least a year. My sex drive has sky-rocketed. My boobs have grown (not that i want them too...arrrgg). My height has stayed the same, but I was already pretty tall and I've heard of cases where people did grow an inch, maybe two, in recovery. But I guess I would say don't get your hopes up for a five inch spurt. Be realistic, but most importantly, cut yourself a break. You've been through a kind of struggle most people will never know, and have fought daily against demons that inhabit the deepest parts of you. To make it through that is a triumph in itself. Your body may have taken a bit of a blow developmentally, but that doesn't mean you can't be a strong and complete individual. And besides, there's reason to have hope. :) The zits on my forehead are evidence of that, haha. Should I have probably been through the whole bad skin thing when I was 14? Yeah, sure. But here it is now, this whole puberty's happening. Not all of it is great, but hey, I'm healthy.

Chin up, buttercup :) You can be fiesty and free and brave with or without long fingers and toes, you know? As for the people who tease you at school, they obviously have a lot of living to do and have no insight as to what you've experienced. Their cruel words come from a place of ignorance. I know that doesn't make it hurt any less, but maybe just remind yourself of that when the going gets rough. Best of luck - be a fighter. Blast those negative voices in your head to hell.  

Health & Support Short survey for those in recovery for ED Aug 05 2011
22:52 (UTC)

I will not be comparing myself to anyone. I simply want to know how recovery is different for everyone. Answer only if it applies to you.

1. Basics: age, height, lowest weight/BMI, goal weight/BMI? 18, 5'10", LW: 89, current weight/goal weight: 120

2. How long did you have an ED? How long have you been in recovery? Gosh, it's hard to say. I recently found journal entries recording methods for self starvation from the 5th grade. So at least, what, 7 years? Recovery - this time around, about 7 months.

3. What made you decide to recover? I have no idea. I didn't really decide. It kind of happened to me. It was like I was just...slowly released. I was exercising, but also eating grotesque amounts. I realize it was dangerous, but the exercise helped me deal with the feelings of fullness and refeeding. Right around this time was when my treatment team made the joint decision to let me fully take the reigns in my recovery - my parents wouldn't monitor what I ate/exercised, my doctor was there to make sure i didn't die but that was pretty much it...everything was in my hands. It's not a method that would work for most, but for me, it's the solitary reason i've been winning in this fight. I need, crave, thrive off of independence. And once it was given to me after being held back for so long, I think i relished it, and didn't want to jepordize it by ending up back in the hospital or betraying the trust my parents were so dangerously giving.

4. How supportive are your friends/family? See above answer - i think it must have taken a lot for them to step back like that. They're nothing but supportive.

5. How many calories are you eating now? Varies. Some days probably 3000, maybe more. I absolutely don't count. I also work out a lot, partly because of the ED, and partly because i truly love it. Some days maybe as low as 1800.

6. The biggest challenge you have faced during recovery? Comparing my current self to my past self - physically, and as far as...the ability to starve myself i guess.

7. At what weight did you (or are hoping to) get your period back? I got it back at 120 (well, got it for the first time). It's flighty, and irregular, but it's more or less here. Thank god.

8. How long did it take for bloating to go away or for the weight to redistribute? Well, I gained very gradually, over the course of about 5 months. So it was a gently process. But i think my body just bloats naturally - it's always been like that.

9. Things you have learned about yourself? I am one hell of a fuc.king force to be recon'ed with :)

10. What your goals are for your health for the future? Live long and prosper. And spread cheer where I can. Cherish myself and my body.

Weight Gain when did your period come back? Apr 29 2011
02:14 (UTC)

Ahhhhh hahahaha! I got my period two days ago - this is only my second period IN MY LIFE (I'm almost 18). I'd say I've been "in recovery" since January (for realzies this time). I'm currently 118-120 lbs, 5'10", up from about 92 lbs at my lowest. One thing i noticed is that January is when I started eating fats again. One day (my mom's birthday) I just...idk, felt ok about a few nuts, and I built my confidence with fats from there. Before I literally had a 0% fat diet. I've read this multiple times, and I feel like it's so true, including ample healthy fats in your diet really does help to start the menstrual process. So it isn't just about calories or weight, but the type of nutrients you're giving your body. Along with tons of other stuff. Unfortunately there isn't any "set point" where your period comes back. Some people have to reach a BMI of 25. For some, 18 does the trick. Your body has been thrown for a loop and is completely out of touch with its natural processes. What's typical for one person is never a marker for what another person should expect.

Young Calorie Counters I have failed for the day! Apr 12 2011
02:30 (UTC)

That isn't failure. That's being human.


Health & Support You know the madness has to stop when... Apr 08 2011
02:49 (UTC)

When you can't sit down in school because the hard chairs are too painful against your bones, and cause long bruises against your spines.

When your pelvis in visible through the BACK of your jeans

When you sit crying, crippled with fear of being so deathly cold because you heard on the news it would only be 70 degrees...70. And you're wearing a **** parka.

When working out for 8+ hours a day begins to cut into your time for personal hygiene. AKA you choose to forgo a shower for the 5th time that week because by god, you COULD use that time to be doing sit-ups.

Foods Indian restaurant survival Apr 08 2011
02:38 (UTC)

Eat This Not That has a "menu decoder" for Indian food, which I actually think is pretty interesting. It should give you some ideas. :) -eat-healthy-indian-restaurant


Health & Support Anorexia is evil and dumb: see for yourself! Apr 08 2011
02:29 (UTC)

you are rather adorable

Weight Gain High calorie asian dishes Apr 07 2011
13:15 (UTC)

I just saw this recipe for cashew chicken on the huffington post and thought of this forum topic, haha: -kitchen/look-ma-no-oven-dorm-room_b_844710.h tml?ir=Food


Weight Gain High calorie asian dishes Apr 07 2011
13:07 (UTC)

Asian restaurants like PF Changs are notorious for very high cal dishes. If you go online you can see the calorie count next to their dishes, i think. There are tons of options, both vegetarian and not, and honestly it's quite delicious. :)Unfortunately they can have high amounts of sodium, but everything has its con I suppose.

At home, stir-fries can be very high cal. Saute veggies and meat or tofu inside a large wok with plenty of sesame oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, and even a touch of honey. My mom and I add lots of brown rice, almonds, peanuts, seaweed. You can top it with the peanut sauce Muchlinski is talking about. Home-made or frozen dumplings are also a good option, noodle-based dishes, fried rice, etc.


The Lounge Any artists around, at all? Mar 27 2011
03:36 (UTC)
yesssssssss, and I just found out I got into RISD!!!!!!!! 10 minutes ago, lol. SO Happy. I feel validated as an artist. :) My mediums: pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil. Pen and Ink is my fav though. As of now I'm wanting to pursue a dual degree in illustration/fine art and anthropology.
Foods suggestion for a sauce substitute? Mar 25 2011
03:47 (UTC)

- Dash of liquid smoke

- A bit of BBQ sauce mixed with some red wine vinegar and/or lemon juice and a wee bit of sesame oil - yum!

- Certain store bought marinades

- Salsa

- Plain yogurt/Greek yogurt blended with chopped garlic, lemon juice, and herbs

 - Mix: 2 TBS orange juice, 1 tsp asian mustard, 1/2 tsp sesame oil, 1/2 tsp soy sauce chopped garlic, chopped ginger, maybe a touch of honey...yummy.

Weight Gain "You're So Skinny... Mar 25 2011
03:36 (UTC)

I agree with PersonalTrainer 100%. I have a mountain of these comments I could post - but what's the use? It feels so competitive. And come on. I mean, COME ON. Every time someone made one of those comments, it absolutely fueled my ED  - and still does!!!!!! Yes, there's a part of you that's mortified. But there's also a part that basks in the "compliment" of it all. And I kind of feel like this thread glorifies that.



The Lounge Your kindergarten age child comes home and tells you... Mar 16 2011
01:56 (UTC)

Honestly, I would think it's absolutely wonderful! It's a cultural experience most American kids don't get to have, a fun one they'll remember, and a great way to introduce foreign cultures in an interesting and engaging way. When I was young, every year on my mom's birthday we'd go to this Moroccan restaurant with belly dancers and it's genuinely one of my fondest childhood memories.

Also, during the Bolder Boulder race which thousands of people participate in annually, they have a stretch with belly dancers lining the street. It's fantastic, and totally family friendly. Hardly inappropriate at all.

Games & Challenges This or That Food Game! Mar 11 2011
04:53 (UTC)

Os Original

The lesser of two evils: would you rather have to eat a stick of butter or a quarter cup of salt by itself?

The Lounge "That's why kids have two parents..." Mar 11 2011
04:35 (UTC)

uhm, what about same sex couples?