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The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 17 2013
19:24 (UTC)

I took a nap too. I had bad dreams last night and didn't sleep well.

The house I am in now is less than 1000 sq ft. So I travel light anyways, which simplifies things immensely. The new house is only about 1250 sq ft so what little I do have should fit no problem.

I don't know when we are moving yet. We inherited some nice young tenants with the house, who are supposed to close on their house next Wednesday. They paid me rent through next Monday. So...  sometime in April. 

The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 17 2013
17:16 (UTC)

Funny story, cajun. My grandma had dentures. :)

It is definitely a gadget with way too may pieces. I have a 23yo co-worker who loves to cook who may want it. If I haven't used it by now, it is better off taking up space in somebody else's cabinets.

Pav, I will go in halfsies on your gate if you pick one online were I can gift card you or something easy like that. Maybe another CCer will go halfsies too? Think about it. Otherwise, let me know specifically the list of little things you still need and I can go get that and your blankies and send to you. Let me know what you prefer.

I am done going through the kitchen - yay! Appliances are clean and I have packed up all the non-essentials, cleaned out all the drawers and cabinets. Enough of that already. Time for fun easy stuff. W00t!

The Lounge Mila Kunis' body "ruined" after weight loss & gain... Mar 17 2013
17:00 (UTC)
Original Post by _adrienne_:

I am 10000x stronger and more athletic now that I'm in the middle of the 'healthy' BMI range than when I was underweight. Yesterday I went hiking and cycling in the foot hills of the rocky mountains and I remember thinking "man, I never would've been able to have this much fun a few months ago when I was undernourished!"

Impressive. Congrats on getting up to a healthy functional weight. :)

The Lounge awwwww mannnn Mar 17 2013
16:00 (UTC)

A grandma with poor eyesight or memory.

The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 17 2013
14:59 (UTC)

So I am going through kitchen stuff today. I found this brand new hand-held appliance that I've had for a year and never used - it was a xmas gift. Its like a tiny mixer with a couple of blades and a cup and a bowl with lids.

If you know what it is and what you personally like to use it for, please share. I have some conversion ideas for use elsewhere ;) but I'm looking for specific uses in the kitchen.

I need some good ideas or it goes to Goodwill. I rarely cook anymore since DH works out of town or maybe I might have used it by now.

Wow! Nice blender. We need to make some margaritas. LOL

The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 17 2013
14:16 (UTC)

Carolina Shag

Not what  I was expecting. :D

That is a lot of footwork and an odd count. I would trip over my own feet if I drank too much. Had to watch the breakdown to figure out the pattern, but it was easier than it looked once I tried it. 

The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 17 2013
13:12 (UTC)

Quiet day for me too. DH out of town this weekend, so I will pick something to clean, something to pack, something to throw away or donate and something to shop for to prep for move. Go see a friend. Go to Zumba.

Good to hear about DH wicky, hope you kids have a great time at the dance.

Pav, when is your due date? What do you still need?

The Lounge what your hubby or boyfriend thinks about your body Mar 16 2013
23:33 (UTC)
Original Post by ebelois:

And I know the post I just wrote seems narrsassistic but I am proud!

Post #28 is the shiz. ;)

The Lounge Free time Mar 16 2013
23:22 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

back OT, i'm not usually particularly crafty, but i just made eight of these mason jar solar lights for the balcony. now i can't wait for the sun to go down :)

These are way cool. Our new house has an amazing huge patio, cant wait to move. Thanks for the idea.

The Lounge awwwww mannnn Mar 16 2013
20:25 (UTC)
Original Post by buggyhair:

When I read through a thread AKA facebook wall and some idjit has posted in it. after I blocked them


The Lounge It's Saturday. Get your Chat on. Mar 16 2013
20:22 (UTC)

I got your confabulation right here. ;)

The Lounge awwwww mannnn Mar 16 2013
19:21 (UTC)

My biggest awwww mannnnn moment is when I am getting my coffee set up for the next morning and realize that I forgot to pick some up. Interchangeable nouns would be milk, toilet paper, beer, cereal, etc. but these are more of a "well that sucks" moment.

The Lounge Free time Mar 16 2013
17:46 (UTC)
Original Post by harlequinqueen:

Leave us out of it.


The Lounge tilted uturs Mar 16 2013
15:54 (UTC)

My boy was born sunny side up. Turned over after just his head came out face down. My midwife was like WOW THIS IS SO AWESOME!

Her and her associate grabbed a guitar I had sitting around the house and played guitar and sang songs together while waiting for things to crank up. Midwives totally rock, yes. :)

The Lounge Free time Mar 16 2013
15:43 (UTC)
Original Post by shosho420:



idk what ur talking about but ok

Cthulhu is a creature from an H.P. Lovecraft story. I just read a collection of his stories last summer. HP is the OG of the horror genre. 

Congrats on your student WINS ebelois. :D

The Lounge Free time Mar 16 2013
13:38 (UTC)
Original Post by ebelois:

I guess since my time calling people lemmings I realized that I don't live in other people's heads and i so not know all the reasons they do the thing they do. If I did it would only be me acting as a lemming with all of those other people I was accusing. (Mindless) which i don't like to do in my free time

Love how you brought that back on topic. LOL

The Lounge tilted uturs Mar 16 2013
13:31 (UTC)

My midwife told me that very same thing; I think it is angled towards my back or something. I had all 3 of my kids via natural birth, no drugs, no problems. My labor lasted 8, 6 and 4 hours. (I never had an ultrasound and never went to a hospital to give birth).

She also told me that the space between my pelvic bones was ideal for giving birth (not too narrow) and that I shouldn't have any problems with A passing through B unless I had a 12 lb baby. Those things matter for a home birth because it increases the risk - the chance of having to be transported to a hospital. Midwives can only really deal with low-risk births in TX without transporting.

As far as I know, having a large space between my pelvic bones in no way suggests anything about the size of my cervix, uterus, or vagina. ;)

The Lounge what your hubby or boyfriend thinks about your body Mar 16 2013
13:18 (UTC)

My husband loves my body and tells me how sexy I am quite often. Can a person hear that too much? Oh hell no! Its a wonderful thing. :)

I don't look like anything like a VS model. I do the best I can to make the body I was born with look as good as possible. It takes a lot of dedication and self-discipline but the pay-off in self-confidence makes it worth all the hard work. I am 50 now and still rock a 2-piece. Rrrrrr! 

The Lounge Free time Mar 16 2013
13:07 (UTC)
Original Post by cajunrider:

Original Post by shosho420:

What do you do on your free time? I play video games. Get faded wtf else


I'm busy living.

Cajun, you are so busy with all of your projects and your family and cooking and fixing things, its great you can squeeze us in. ;)

Lately I have put in lots of OT and have been packing. I typically spend a lot of time at the gym, but not so much lately between the OT the home buying and the move coming up. When DH is home on weekends we just enjoy our time together doing whatever sounds good at the moment.

The Lounge We all live in a Yellow Chatmobile~ Yellow Chatmobile~ Mar 15 2013
22:35 (UTC)

Lilys tots are like late. What the hell tots?? :D