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The Lounge Struggling with belief in any higher deity(ies) Jul 16 2014
20:41 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Just an interesting local event... A ten year old girl was playing near a stream that was running high from recent rain...She was swept away and into a underground drainage system for half a mile or so.. Luckily she emerged and was found...on some rocks downstream.  Alive, just a bit banged up..  I think this was this past Tuesday.

She claimed that while she was underground she heard her mother's voice.  Her mother who had died of cancer a year ago.  Made me wonder.. 

I believe this girl. Myself (and others) have had numerous experiences with my son contacting us after his death. Best description would be that most fall under the category of electromagmetic phenomena. These experiences lasted for about a year after he died, with most occurring within the first few months.

eta: I wanted to reply to this earlier, wicky, this just seemed an appropriate place.

The Lounge Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist Jul 16 2014
18:54 (UTC)

I think AMAs are the best part of reddit.

The Lounge Struggling with belief in any higher deity(ies) Jul 16 2014
13:53 (UTC)
Original Post by sunny_daze1:

Perhaps it's religion that I have a problem with, not spirituality.


Also? if tattooed people were unfit to serve food, Austin would go hungry. I think we have the highest occurrence of tattoos per capita anywhere. Its a beautiful thing. ;)

Good to hear from you, sunny.

The Lounge Struggling with belief in any higher deity(ies) Jul 15 2014
19:35 (UTC)

Jesus Christ.

Weight Loss kick boxing calories? ?? Jul 15 2014
19:33 (UTC)



How many calories should I be eating in a day?

Assuming you are in good health, the answer depends on your height, weight, age, gender, activity level, and the amount of muscle you have on board. For instance, at moderate activity levels, a 30-year old woman who is 5'5" and 125 pounds needs about 2200 calories a day, while a 30-year old man who is 6'0" and 172 pounds, needs about 2800 calories a day. Calorie requirements should be based on a person's adequate weight rather than on a weight that is over or under the adequate range. A person's muscle mass is the wild card in determining requirements because it is difficult to measure muscle mass without special training and equipment. More muscle requires more calories. In order to lose weight, you should create a deficit of 500 - 1000 fewer calories than you need. To create that deficit, you have the options of eating less, moving more, or doing a little of each.

Read more: Questions and Answers http://caloriecount.about.com/article/q_and_a #ixzz37ZG0EmEn


http://caloriecount.about.com/forums/weight-l oss/welcome-weightloss-forum-read-info-resour ces

The Lounge Baby shower with co-workers Jul 15 2014
19:06 (UTC)

I have only ever had one co-worker who got pregnant while we worked together. Weird... Anyways, I think we had a shower at somebody's house on a weekend because she was also going to work from home thereafter.

The last co-worker of mine who's wife got pregnant was our Chinese National (who we helped get his citizenship). Nobody had a CLUE until about 4 weeks before she was due that they were expecting. Also? She was having twins. A few of us bought personal gifts for the babies. He was really stunned by all the gifting and celebratory good wishes. Cultural 180.

Motivation Feeling like giving up!!!! Jul 15 2014
18:17 (UTC)

Definitely build in some rewards for yourself. That's important!

eta:  Even when you are within 5 lbs of goal, you will still have days you feel fat. ;)

Motivation Feeling like giving up!!!! Jul 15 2014
18:10 (UTC)
Original Post by ShysterLover:

Definitely working towards that. Working in fast food momentarily until I get my car. Then I plan on working in a hospital.

Excellent. Until that changes, work on drawing some boundaries for yourself. Make sure they are doable, but also effective. Daughter has same issue working in a pizza place. Her new boundary is NO CHEESE and she joined PF.

Motivation Feeling like giving up!!!! Jul 15 2014
16:24 (UTC)

Find a job in something besides fast food! Long-term goal. ;)

eta: #dontgiveup

Fitness Dance fitness with Jessica? Anyone? Jul 15 2014
15:39 (UTC)

I love to dance and do lots of Zumba. My core is the tightest it has ever been. All that hip rolling is core isolation work in 360.

Own the moves and then amp them because you love doing them so much. You will lose weight. Good luck! :)

eta: If you want specific body parts to look amazing, pick up the weights. Muscles are sexy! The more I lift, the better dancer I become. Strength is a huge component  of dance.

Weight Loss kick boxing calories? ?? Jul 15 2014
15:15 (UTC)
Original Post by liseey02:

If you feel like you're working the whole time at a high intensity with little breaks I would say 650 + per hour (including your warm ups and breaks)


Weight Loss kick boxing calories? ?? Jul 15 2014
15:14 (UTC)
Original Post by Giannispap:

Ok but how much is the total...i am confused ???

I am 51yo, female, 5'8" and 145 lbs. Mine says ~600 for an hour, yours will be different. Yours will be higher if you are male, higher if you weigh heavier and higher if you are younger.


Weight Loss kick boxing calories? ?? Jul 15 2014
14:45 (UTC)

http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-burned -judo-a418

Kickboxing and Body Combat, I log as judo (which actually lists k-box in the description). Its pretty close for me.

Health & Support Extra painful periods Jul 15 2014
11:29 (UTC)
Original Post by roadtorecovery91:

Anyone else experiencing this? Symptoms are pretty horrific before, and during. Just wanting to know if anyone else is feeling the same way. What ways do you ease the pain?

My daughter has long and painful periods. I put her on the pill and it helped her tremendously. Walmart has a couple of generic BCPs. I have uber expensive health insurance but its actually cheaper to get generics at Walmart without it. 

The Lounge Situation at the border Jul 14 2014
17:59 (UTC)

You mean move the border to Panama? It would be much easier to monitor.

The Lounge geoengineering to reverse climate change Jul 14 2014
15:09 (UTC)
Original Post by dnrothx:

What's amazing to me about west Texas isn't so much how arid it is, but the fact that there are some huge water springs that pop up in the middle of it here and there.


They are disappearing too, but with state and local water planning in full force at all levels, hopefully we can sustain some of them. We are now backing out how much we can pump via the groundwater models which are based upon "desired future conditions." Maintaining spring flow can be one of those conditions. We are getting there.

The Lounge geoengineering to reverse climate change Jul 14 2014
14:40 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by watergirl:

WIND energy is growing like crazy in Texas. Currently, wind energy supplies nearly 10% of our power grid.

There are areas out in west Texas where there are literally seas of turbines, and I think they are beautiful. Surreal and lovely.


We've got it all over up here and it's fairly controversial.  There was a big fiasco a few years back when Kittitas County voted down a new wind farm that would be placed square in the middle of the amazing viewshed of the Stuart range.  The governor came in and vetoed the veto, so now there's a wind farm there.  The wind farm companies also try to keep their leases secret, but I've seen them and they're written so that the company has no clean up liability once the windmills are taken offline; they're the landowner's problem.  Lastly, we're the land of cheap hydro power up here and the wind utilities have gotten litigious with the dam operators over high-wind / high-water events.  Since everybody gets to sell their power onto the grid, the wind utilities have been able to force the dam operators to spill water to accommodate the wind power, which is a lot more expensive for the end user but allows the (usually foreign) wind utilities to harvest their clean energy tax credits.

There was an outcry here initially, but you don't hear much of that anymore. There is no hydro in west Texas since there wasn't much surface water even before the drought so there's no power play either. Location, location, location. 

With all the hydro in the Pacific northwest, its amazing wind got such a foothold, but the dam-builders were no saints either. Cadillac Desert  details the race between the USBLM and the USACE to dam the American west. Excellent read.


The Lounge geoengineering to reverse climate change Jul 14 2014
14:26 (UTC)
Original Post by restless_marmot:

I am not against nuclear. A lot of people are, and I admit it has its dangers... but right now, I see climate change as the biggest danger. 

Honestly, climate change scares the crap out of me. And I am blown away by how many people completely ignore it or say something to the effect of "I'll be dead by the end of the century, so it doesn't matter..." Really? Are we that selfish? Do we care nothing of future generations? 

Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist. -George Carlin

The Lounge geoengineering to reverse climate change Jul 14 2014
13:07 (UTC)

WIND energy is growing like crazy in Texas. Currently, wind energy supplies nearly 10% of our power grid.

There are areas out in west Texas where there are literally seas of turbines, and I think they are beautiful. Surreal and lovely.


The Lounge What have you done for the environment lately? Jul 14 2014
12:59 (UTC)
Original Post by oldguysrule:

On the good side: My cabin is solar (and wind) powered. I have no furnace (wood stove is my only source of heat, and I collect the dead firewood myself). No AC. No ceiling fans. Most of our water use is from roof collection, but we fill 5 gallon jugs with filtered drinking water in town to bring home. In the future, we will have our own purification system. I eat mostly organic food, which reduces the amount of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that get into the environment. I used young trees to make my log cabin, and my method wastes far less wood than a typical frame home does.
Our cabin has a small footprint, we encourage native plants, and installed tons of bird houses/shelves that get heavy use.

On the bad side: We drive a lot. We live 50 minutes from town. And our rough, 8 mile dirt, access to the highway won't accomodate hybrids, or electric vehicles. Gasoline is our largest expenditure. Since cattle graze in our area, we were essentially forced to put up a fence to keep the cattle out. Fences are definitely an environmental problem, and a hazard to the native animals (especially antelope). I'm also aware that the overall environmental effects are less if everyone was willing to live in cities. 

As far as garbage goes: we compost all the kitchen scraps. We take everything possible to the recycling places. And, we end up with one small bag of regular garbage per week. I think that is reasonable.

Are there any prizes being awarded? I nominate OGR for the win - off the grid and kicking ****. Love this. :)