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We all want skinny thighs? Its hard to lose. We can help each other. And give each other tips and help all the way through to out destination. :)
Who says dieting is the only way to get skinny? Our way is the healthy way!
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New to this

by lindsaysherman in Introduce Yourself on Apr 06

Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'm new to this website :) I'm 15 and just recently I have noticed stretch marks on my thighs. I...

Welcome to the Group

by gerorgette in Introduce Yourself on Mar 07

hi, im georgette. im new to calorie count and im kind of nervous. I haven't had many weight problems in my life, ive...

Hello, I'm Sara!

by iarna in Introduce Yourself on Jan 14

Hey I'm Sara:) I'm fourteen. I love playing soccer and running. I would love to start losing weight and my thighs are a good place to start.

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