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Hi everyone. Here's my rant.

by racatcara in Introduce Yourself on Sep 17

Hi, My name is Rachel and I am 25 years old and weigh 255 lbs. My goal weight is 140 lbs. Just 5 years ago I was 140 lbs...


by nina_see in Introduce Yourself on Sep 13

Hi Josie, I'm new here as well. I'm 30 and was just diagnosed with Diabetes, so trust me, I get it. I'm sorry to hear...

Dannistar Fun, wild, enlightened, crazy, and learning to be free.
Back on the wagon

by dannistar in Introduce Yourself on Sep 10

Also getting back on board after a while away, and I am happy to support you on your journey. Having people to support...

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How Has Being 100+ Pounds Over Weight Effect Your Lifestyle

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